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VOLUME 7, NO 2 - 2016 - November 2016


1. Impact of Olushosun dumpsite on groundwater quality in Ojota area of Lagos state

Author(s)- Akinade-Solomon, Olorunfemi et al pp 116- 127 Code : EIJGGS7010

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2. Physiographic Study of Mandakini valley (Rudraprayag District) Garhwal Himalaya by Morphometric Analysis and Geospatial Techniques

Author(s)- Atul Kumar, and Negi M.S pp 128- 142 Code : EIJGGS7011

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3. Groundwater quality studies in Koraiyar watershed, Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu-an Geoinformatic approach

Author(s)- Rajesh J et al pp 143- 158 Code : EIJGGS7012

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4. Application of Remote Sensing and GIS technique in rooftop mapping and PV module layout design

Author(s)- Rishabh et al pp 159- 168 Code : EIJGGS7013

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5. Quantitative evaluation of Kallar watershed using geospatial technology, Thiruvananthapuram, India

Author(s)-  Suresh S et al pp 169- 191 Code : EIJGGS7014

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6. Remote sensing applications in soil survey and mapping: A Review

Author(s)-  Sunita Singh pp 192- 203 Code : EIJGGS7015

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7. Applications and technologies associated with web-based geographical Information systems

Author(s)-  Sadiq Mukhtar pp 204- 210 Code : EIJGGS7016

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8. Integrated approach of remote sensing and field survey data in assessment of bank erosion intensity of the Padma river in Bangladesh

Author(s)-  Muhammad Muzibur Rahman pp 204- 210 Code : EIJGGS7017

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9. Development of micro–watershed atlas of Haryana state- a citizen centric Perspective #

Author(s)-  Gahlod N.S pp 211- 224 Code : EIJGGS7018

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10. Change in land use-land cover and population dynamics:  A town-level Study of Ahmedabad city sub-District of Gujarat

Author(s)-  Ankit Sikarwar and Aparajita Chattopadhyay pp 225- 234 Code : EIJGGS7019

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11. Spatio-temporal changing pattern of LULC: An Overview

Author(s)-  Sribash Tikader pp 235- 244 Code : EIJGGS7020

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11. Determination of 3D Transformation Parameters for the Ghana Geodetic Reference Network using Ordinary Least Squares and Total Least Squares Techniques

Author(s)-  Prosper Basommi Laari et al pp 245- 261 Code : EIJGGS7021

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