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VOLUME 7, NO 3 - 2017 - February 2017


1. Tuberculosis types and its characteristics in Dindigul District – A Geomedical study using GIS

Author(s)-  Vimala Vinnarasi J and  Saravanabavan.V

pp 262- 274 Code : EIJGGS7022 View : Abstract    Full Text

2. Spatio-temporal variation in Indian part of Sundarban Delta over the years 1990-2016 using Geospatial Technology

Author(s)-  Avinash Kumar Ranjan, Vallisree Sivathanu, Santosh Kumar Verma, Lakhindar Murmu, Patibandla B. Sravan Kumar

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3. Change detection in Land use/cover of a hilly area by Remote Sensing and GIS technique: A study on Tropical forest hill range, Baramura, Tripura, Northeast India

Author(s)- Amal Debnath, Jatan Debnath, Istak Ahmed, and Nibedita Das (Pan)

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4. Rainfall frequency analysis to predict flood in West Tripura District, Tripura, North-East India

Author(s)- Moujuri Bhowmik, Nibedita Das (Pan), Istak Ahmed, Jatan Debnath

pp 310- 320 Code : EIJGGS7025 View : Abstract    Full Text

5. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in Agriculture with Crop CAM Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Study

Author(s)- Balaji Sethuramasamyraja and Bregan Gray

pp 321- 332 Code : EIJGGS7026 View : Abstract    Full Text

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