Author registration fee details and instructions

Revised and updated as on March ,2014:

Registration benefits

Our payment mode is simple an author must pay registration fee through which he can publish multiple articles subjected to reviewer acceptance of the concerned article. Concept of charging registration fee is introduced first by us to avoid per paper article processing charge and to optimize the publishing cost. An author who pays Rs.3000 and if he publish 5 articles an year with few co-authors, logically spends less than Rs.100 per author per paper and other authors in the article are publishing free of cost.

Registering with journal system will enable the authors to publish research articles through our journal system for without any additional fee and the amount will be utilized for keeping the journal free to access for the researchers across the globe. Copy editing for one article will be done free of cost after the acceptance of article, presently we are issuing DOI to few journals starting from May 2012 which is a first of its kind approach in any start up journals.

Registration fee mentioned below are valid for a certain period ( 6 months) and authors can publish any number of articles in 5 of our main journals ( excluding Ijaser, Jrsgis, Ijacit) during this period. For IJASER, IJACIT, JRSGIS, authors are advised to contact their respective editorial boards since they are only supported by our team but operated by individual editorial board.

Registration fee ( Valid from February,2014)

Articles with single author Rs.2000
Articles with multiple authors and SAARC country authors Rs.2500


Foreign authors

Articles with single author USD 60
Articles with multiple author USD 80


Note: All registration are valid for 6 months from date of payment,

Registration fee can be paid through the following modes

  1. Direct cash deposit to our account
  2. Internet banking( NEFT/ RTGS)/ Wire transfer
  3. Through Credit Card/Debit cards
  4. Western Union/ Moneygram

To pay the registration fee through credit/ debit card click here, submit the registration form which is sent via acceptance mail indicating payment done.

All foreign authors can pay the registration fee through our online payment processing system or they can send the amount via Western Union Money transfer/ Wire transfer.

Registration policies:

  • For single author articles it is advised that the author should be a registered author of our journal system.
  • Academia authors should pay only academia registration fee even if they do research projects, research membership is meant only for full time research scholars.
  • For articles with four or more authors at least two authors should register and also articles of concerned authors will be considered further if they are first or second author in next articles.
  • There should be a mandatory gap of at least one issue between any two articles of an author.
  • Only one submission will be processed even authors submit multiple articles, authors should submit next article only after the first article is published.
  • It is obligatory that for getting an article published at least one of the authors should be registered author, if there are three are more authors or the corresponding author should register .
  • Becoming our registered author does not make the author eligible for getting published, payment of registration fee will not confirm the article publication. All articles will be accepted for publication only after receiving the positive reviewer comments.
  • Corresponding author may be our registered in any article submitted for publication.
  • Registration fee is valid only for 6 months from the date of payment or receipt generation and paid fee is non- refundable in any case.
  • Our Terms of conditions and privacy policy which is available here , all registrations are subjected to our TOS mentioned.
  • All registration related queries should be addressed only

Our team is taking stupendous efforts to bring the journals to one of the most respected journals, we are also promoting our journals in various forms and modes which requires funding. Editorial team of IPA journals request authors to support our journals in the form of registration and to share the benefit of the association by sharing the expense.


Integrated Publishing Association is not a Society or an association but a group of academia and researchers sharing common interest of disseminating scientific information via online open access peer reviewed journals. Registration fee paid towards registration with IPA is only to make the author eligible for publishing articles in IPA journals and it does not represents to be a member of IPA and also it should not be misinterpreted as membership of a society or an association. The fee paid is towards the expenses incurred towards managing the site, operating the site, funding the growth of site, article processing expenses, other miscellaneous expenses that are to be shared by the authors who publish through us. It is a business model in which a journal system is maintained by a team of academia and researchers through which authors and researchers can publish their research work by sharing the expenses incurred by operating the journals as membership fee. IPA journals provide a platform for researchers to publish their research work at optimal cost incurred in the publishing process.


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