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Integrated Publishing Association journals are operated by a group of sceintists, researchers, academia working on various organisations. Our motto is to provide a quality online open access journal system and enabling various researchers to publish their articles free of cost. By using our services you are explicitely agreeing for our terms of service mentioned below

  • All our journals are open access and the articles submitted will be available as open access to the public, journal articles published are licensed under Creative Commons license 3.0, authors being the original owners of the copyright for the content published
  • Integrated Publishing Association is not an association or a society or a charity society or any such group, we are publishers who are self funded by collection of membership fee.

    Upon registration/ submission of article to our journals/ contacting our journal editors the User agrees to:

    • Make his/her contact details available to IPA and its editors/ operators ; the User may be contacted by IPA for any further information related to his article/ other articles/ any issues.
    • Receive promotional mails from IPA or its associates or any of its partner websites.
    • Be contacted by any of the editors/ operators of IPA.
  • Submission of articles to any of our journals does not make an author to be eligible to get published and also becoming registered author of our association by paying the membership fee does not implies that the concerned members article will be published. Articles will be considered only if it is accepted in the peer review by our reviewers. Also all accepted articles are not published, publication is under discretion of the editorial board of IPA and authors submitting articles to any of our journals implicitly accept this.
  • Accepting an article or publishing an article in any of our journal is the right of Integrated Publishing Association and its editors, authors submitting their article to any of our journal agree for this by submitting to our mail id or submitting via our submissions form. Submitting of an article to any of our journals does not give any right to author to get it published through our journals and its the right of our editors to decide whether its to be published or not.
  • All provisionally accepted articles will be only published if the necessary corrections/ suggestions were incorporated, provisionally accepted articles are subjected to rejection by editorial board.
  • Publication or non publication of articles is vested with the decision of editorial board of our journals.
  • Our control over plagirism is limited, we will be removing the article from the publication and will provide a plagiarism information in the page.
  • All articles are published under creative commons license 3.0 and authors are the owners of the copyright for the content provided. We will act upon plagiarism immediately if the details are provided properly as per COPE policy.
  • By using our site and by registering for any of our services or products, you accept that such personal data will be gathered and stored in our databases for further processing.
  • We will maintain appropriate safeguards to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of your personal data and Integrated Publishing Association do not share personal data with other companies for marketing or similar purposes.
  • All content in this Site, including site layout, design, images, programs, text and other information are property of Integrated Publishing Association, we use open source packages for the development of this journal site which are properly acknowledged where ever applicable.
  • Integrated Publishing Association or its operators or registered authors or its reviewers or editors are not responsible for any issues arising by using this site/ content, it is the own risk of the user.
  • All the articles published are the property of concerned authors published with copyright transfer agreement between IPA and authors to publish in open access. Articles may be copied, transmitted and used for educational purpose and for any usage which is falling within the open access policy. For any further queries please contact the concerned authors by the mail id provided in the article.
  • Any payment towards the registered author fee is non-refundable/ adjustable in any case.
  • Registration fee paid is valid for only for a particular period ( from the date of payment) that will be mentioned in the registration page of the site, which will be updated regularly. All payments are non refundable in any case, authors submitting the payment to any of our bank account agree implicitly for terms of service.
  • Payment of registration fee is only for making the author eligible to submit article to our journals and it does not indicates that any submitted article will be published, article processing and publication is not linked with the registration fee.
  • The Site may contain hyperlinks to other sites or resources that are provided solely for your convenience, Integrated Publishing Association is not responsible for the behaviour of the linked sites, data provided by the user to those sites, links, etc.
  • We are collecting personal information via the submission/ reviewer details/ contact us forms which will not given to any third party without prior permission, we never collect any cookies or related internet components.
  • We are using a third party payment processors to receive the regisration fee through online transfer, Integrated Publishing Association is not responsible for the payment processor site and the process once the user is redirected to the payment processors secured site. We are not collecting or storing credit card/ bank account information from payment processors, all process is done by the servers of payment processors and Integrated Publishing Association is not responsible for the process.
  • Any charge back or canceling of extra charges levied through online payment gateway should be done through payment processors only, Integrated Publishing Association is not responsible for any extra charges.
  • Neither Integrated Publishing Association, its affiliates, nor any third-party content providers or licensors makes any warranty whatsoever, including without limitation, that the operation of the site will be uninterrupted or error-free.
  • These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India, without regard to its conflicts of law principles.
  • If you have any questions or comments regarding this privacy policy, please contact our support at editorial@ipublishing.co.in.
  • We retain all the personal information we collect from you through our submission form or in any form for as long as the information is relevant to our business purposes or until you request that we remove the data by contacting our support at editorial@ipublishing.co.in.
  • We recognize that your privacy is important to you, and therefore we endeavor to keep your personal information confidential, no private information will be shared to any other, further if the information leak is due to a security exploit which is beyond our control Integrated Publishing Association is not responsible for the same.
  • Privacy policy provided here applies solely to the information you/ or your co-author provide while visiting Integrated Publishing Association site. The terms of this privacy policy do not govern personal information furnished through any means other than this Site such as through email, contact over forms, phone, postal etc.
  • Please note that we take no responsibility for personal data posted on any open forums or message boards/ blog related to Integrated Publishing Association.
  • All views, concepts, contents, logics including any research findings are the property of the concerned authors/ concerned person, Integrated Publishing Association or its associates, affiliates or its editors is not responsible for any copyright violation or plagiarism.Integrated Publishing Association will be liable only to remove such articles from our site which is published by any author who may enter into potential violation of copyright or found to follow plagiarism.
  • Integrated Publishing Association or its associates, affiliates or its editors are not responsible for any conflict of interests that may arise in our published. Authors are instructed that when they submit a manuscript, whether an article or letter, authors are responsible for recognizing and disclosing financial and other conflicts of interest that might bias their work. They should acknowledge in the manuscript all financial support for the work and other financial or personal connections to the work. For all conflcit of interest the concerned parties are instructed to contact the respective authors only, Integrated Publishing Association is not responsible for such issues arise but we will support the parties to contact the concerned authors.
  • All the articles published in any of the journals of Integrated Publishing Association is the property of concerned author(s) only, we act as a publishing media for their articles, for any issue arising out of any article the concerned author can be directly contacted. Articles are published with the permission from author(s) as copyright transfer agreement.
  • We are using third party toolbars ( wibiya.com) to increase the user friendliness of our site, logging in the toolbar and providing information is beyond our control, for any damages users are requested to contact wibiya.com directly. We are not collecting or storing any personal information via any of the softwares, toolbars installed in our site.
  • SMS alert system is created for the benefit of the users only to get information about the article status and other updates immediately, we are not sending any promotional mails, promotional sms to any of our members. Also we are not providing or disseminating any personal information to third party including credit card details, phone numbers, mail id etc.
  • Integrated Publishing Association is not responsible for any errors, omition, mistakes in the site. To the fullest extent of the law, neither Integrated Publishing Association publication or its editors  nor the authors,  contributors, or reviewers, assume any liability for any injury and/or damage to persons or  property as a matter of products liability, negligence or otherwise, or from any use or  operation of any methods, products, instructions, or ideas contained in the material herein.      
  • All journals of IPA have zero tolerance towards plagiarism in any form and the article will be removed immediately from the publication, the concerned authors will be banned from submitting any further articles to our journals. Plagiarism in any format, mode is unacceptable either intentional or unintentional and authors are informed that completely plagiarism free articles are only to be submitted to our journals.                       
  • Governing Law and Jurisdiction
    These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India without regard to its conflicts of law principles. Users of our site and its content agrees to submit to the sole jurisdiction and venue for any dispute that may arise under or in relation to the subject matter in Tirupur, Tamilnadu, India court jurisdiction only.
  • Integrated Publishing Association is not a Society or an association but a group of academia and researchers sharing common interest of disseminating scientific information via online open access peer reviewed journals. Membership fee paid towards membership of IPA is only to make the author eligible for publishing articles in IPA journals and it does not represents to be a member of IPA core team and also it should not be misinterpreted as membership of a society or an association. The fee paid is towards the expenses incurred towards managing the site, operating the site, funding the growth of site, article processing expenses, other miscellaneous expenses that are to be shared by the authors who publish through us. It is a business model in which a journal system is maintained by a team of academia and researchers through which authors and researchers can publish their research work by sharing the expenses as membership fee. IPA journals provide a platform for researchers to publish their research work at optimal cost incurred in the publishing process

Integrated Publishing Association or its editors, editorial board members have the right to revise, update this terms of service any time without information to the users/ authors of our journals.

If you feel that there are any violations/ breach of any policy and if there are any conflict of interest about a published article in our journal do contact us immediately at editorial@ipublishing.co.in.