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VOLUME 1, NO 1 - 2010               ISSN 0976- 4259


1.Performance Evaluation of Protective Coatings on Corrosion resistance in Transmission Line Tower foundations
Author(s)- R.Siva Chidambaram,G.S.Thirugnanam pp 1-14 Code : EIJAER1001

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2. Experimental Studies on Viability of Using Geosynthetics as Fibers in Concrete
Author(s)- K.Rajeshkumar, N.Mahendran,R. Gobinath pp 15-27 Code : EIJAER1002

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3. Investigation on Cold - formed C - section Long Column with Intermediate Stiffener & Corner Lips – Under Axial Compression
Author(s)- M. Meiyalagan M.Anbarasu, S.Sukumar pp 28-41 Code : EIJAER1003

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4. Watershed Management for Asifabad and Wankadi Taluks, Adilabad District”
-A Remote Sensing and GIS Approach

Author(s)- Yassir Arafat M.N. pp 42-48 Code : EIJAER1004

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5. Experimental Study on behavior of Interior RC Beam Column Joints Subjected to Cyclic Loading
Author(s)- P.Rajaram, A.Murugesan, G.S.Thirugnanam pp 49-58 Code : EIJAER1005

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6. Use of Remotesensing and Seismotectonic Parameters to Identify Seismogenic Sources of Tamil Nadu State
Author(s)- G.P.Ganapathy, R.Rajarathinam pp 59-76 Code : EIJAER1006

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7. Disaster Resistant Rural House Design For Low Income People
Author(s)- K.Mahendran, A.Zahir Hussain pp 77-86 Code : EIJAER1007

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8.Multipath Dynamic Source Routing with Cost and Ant Colony Optimization for MANETS

Author(s)- Sarala.P, Kalaiselvi.D pp 83-91 Code : EIJAER1008

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9.Mobile Agent Based Routing Protocol with Security for MANET

Author(s)- Bindhu.R pp 92-102 Code : EIJAER1009

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10.Design, Modelling and Manufacturing of Helical Gear

Author(s)- B.Venkatesh, V.Kamala, A.M.K.Prasad pp 103-114 Code : EIJAER1010

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