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VOLUME 1, NO 2 - 2010               ISSN 0976- 4259


1. Integrated Routing and Query Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s)-T.Krishnakumar pp 115-123 Code : EIJAER1011

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2. Modeling and Analysis of Aluminum A360 Alloy Helical Gear for Marine Applications

Author(s)- Venkatesh.B, Kamala.V,Prasad.A.M.K pp 124-134 Code : EIJAER1012

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3. Individual and societal risk analysis and mapping of human vulnerability to chemical accidents in the vicinity of an industrial area

Author(s)- Renjith.V.R, G.Madhu pp 135-148 Code : EIJAER1013

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4. Implementation of Automated Library Management System in the School of Chemistry Bharathidasan University using Koha Open Source Software

Author(s)- Neelakandan.B, Duraisekar.S, Balasubramani.R, Srinivasa Ragavan.S

pp 149-167 Code : EIJAER1014

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5. Use of Chinese Remainder Theorem to generate random numbers for cryptography

Author(s)-Saurabh Singh, Gaurav Agarwal pp 135-148 Code : EIJAER1015

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6. A Compact Gate Tunnel Current Model for Nano Scale MOSFET with Sub-1nm Gate Oxide

Author(s)-Ashwani Kumar,Narottam Chand,Vinod Kapoor

pp 175-193 Code : EIJAER1016

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7. Extrusion Characterizes of Al/Sic by different Manufacturing Process

Author(s)- V. Jayaseelan, K. Kalaichelvan, M. Kannan, S. Vijay Ananth

pp 194-199 Code : EIJAER1017

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8.Use of image to secure text message with the help of LSB replacement

Author(s)- Saurabh Singh, Gaurav Agarwal 

pp 200-205 Code : EIJAER1018

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9. Studies on Di -Diesel Engine Fueled With Rice Bran Methyl Ester Injection and Ethanol Carburetion 

Author(s)- Rambabu Kantipudi  pp 206-221 Code : EIJAER1019

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10. Synthesis and structural investigations of coordination compounds of palladium (II) with 5- methyl uracil

Author(s)- Anshu Srivastava, Gupta.D.C pp 222-227 Code : EIJAER1020

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11.Comparison among different CMOS inverter for Low leakage at different Technologies

Author(s)- Vijay Kumar Sharma, Surender Soni pp 228-233 Code : EIJAER1021

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12. Design and Simulation of Phase Locked Loop Controller Based Three- Phase Unified Power Quality Conditioner for Non-linear and Voltage Sensitive Loads

Author(s)- JenoPaul, Ruban Deva Prakash, Jacob Raglend

pp 234-243 Code : EIJAER1022

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13. Micro Mechanical Measurement of Concrete Strain to Evaluate Principle Strain Distribution in Steel Fiber  Reinforced Cement Concrete  Moderate Deep Beams across it’s width and depths

Author(s)- Vinu R. Patel , I. I. Pandya pp 244-252 Code : EIJAER1023

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14. Estimating the Solar Photovoltaic generation potential and possible plant capacity in Patiala

Author(s)-Souvik Ganguli, Jasvir Singh pp 253-260 Code : EIJAER1024

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15. Carbon Dioxide as Natural Refrigerant

Author(s)- Padalkar A. S., Kadam A. D.pp 261-272 Code : EIJAER1025

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16. Clustering Algorithms for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network: A Survey

Author(s)- Vivek Katiyar, Narottam Chand, Surender Soni

.pp 273-287 Code : EIJAER1026

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