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VOLUME 1, NO 3 - 2010               ISSN 0976- 4259


1. Effect of Compression ratio, Injection Timing and Injection Pressure on a DI Diesel engine for better performance and emission fueled with diesel -diesel biodiesel blends

Author(s)- Venkatraman.M, Devaradjane.G pp 288-298 Code : EIJAER2001

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2. Fixed Points Theorem in Fuzzy metric space for weakly compatible maps satisfying integral type inequality

Author(s)- Manish Kumar Mishra, Priyanka Sharma, Ojha D.B

pp 315-323 Code : EIJAER2003

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3. Common fixed point theorem for n-metric spaces

Author(s)- Deo  Brat Ojha pp 324- 329 Code : EIJAER2004

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4. Recent Advances and future trends in Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s)- Vivek Katiyar,Narottam Chand,Naveen Chauhan

pp 330-342 Code : EIJAER2005

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5. Artificial Neural Network based Hydro Electric Generation Modelling

Author(s)- Deepika Yadav,Naresh.R,Veena Sharma pp 343-359 Code : EIJAER2006

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6. Energy Efficient Cooperative Caching in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Author(s)- Naveen Chauhan, pp 360-371 Code : EIJAER2007

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7. Low Power CMOS Inverter design at different Technologies

Author(s)- Vijay Kumar Sharma, Surender Soni pp 372-382 Code : EIJAER2008

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8. All - Optical Half Adder Design Using Equations Governing XGM and FWM Effect in Semiconductor Optical Amplifier

Author(s) - V. K. Srivastava, V. Priye pp 396- 403 Code : EIJAER2010

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9. Simulation of Wetted Surface Area of a Single Seater Home Based Aircraft

Author(s)- Venkatesan.M pp 404- 415 Code : EIJAER2011

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10. Performance Evaluation of Low Heat Rejection Diesel Engine with Pure Diesel

Author(s) - Murthy P.V.K, pp 428- 451 Code : EIJAER2013

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11. Drag reduction by polymer additives in gravity driven flow

Author(s )- Ch.V. Subbarao, pp 452- 468 Code : EIJAER2014

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12. Application of Simulation Technique in Queuing Model for ATM Facility

Author(s )- Vasumathi.A, Dhanavanthan P pp 469- 482 Code : EIJAER2015

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13. Finite Element Analysis of resistance spot welding to study nugget formation

Author(s )- Thakur.A.G,Rasane.A.R,Nandedkar.V.M pp 483- 490 Code : EIJAER2016

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14. On A Class of Generalised Convex Functions with Some Applications

Author(s )- Rajani B. Dash, pp 491- 499 Code : EIJAER2017

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15. Design and Finite Element Analysis of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine blade

Author(s )- Nitin Tenguria, pp 500- 507 Code : EIJAER2018

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16. CFD Modeling and Experimental Validation of Combustion in Direct Ignition Engine Fueled with Diesel

Author(s )- Umakant V. Kongre, Vivek K. Sunnapwar pp 508- 517 Code : EIJAER2019

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17. Influence of Welding Speed on Tensile Strength of Welded Joint in TIG Welding Process

Author(s )- Ahmed Khalid Hussain et al., pp 518- 527 Code : EIJAER2020

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18. Analysis of statistical feature extraction for Iris Recognition System using Laplacian of Gaussian filter

Author(s )- Bhawna Chouhan, Shailia Shukla pp 528- 535 Code : EIJAER2021

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19. Lossless Medical Image Security

Author(s )- Shrikhande Rohini, Vinayak Bairagi pp 536- 541 Code : EIJAER2022

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20. Tensile behavior of 6063/Al2o3 particulate metal matrix composites fabricated by investment casting process

Author(s )- Chennakesava Reddy, Essa Zitoun pp 542- 552 Code : EIJAER2023

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21. Performance analysis of cryogenically treated carbide drills in drilling white cast iron

Author(s )- Ramji.B.R et al., pp 553- 560 Code : EIJAER2024

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22. Effect of surface radiation on Conjugate Convection from an electronic board with multiple embedded discrete heat sources

Author(s )- Gururaja Rao.C, Narasimha Suri.T pp 561- 573 Code : EIJAER2025

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23. Wind Analysis of Microwave Antenna Towers

Author(s )- Siddesha.H pp 574- 584 Code : EIJAER2026

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24. Investigation of Solar Photovoltaic Simulation Softwares

Author(s )- Mahendra Lalwani,  Mool Singh pp 585- 601 Code : EIJAER2027

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25. CFD analysis of 2D unsteady flow around a square cylinder

Author(s )- Gera.B, Pavan K. Sharma, Singh R.K pp 602- 610 Code : EIJAER2028

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26. Design of Virtual Instrumentation for Density Measurement        

Author(s )- Rajagopalan et al., pp 611- 614 Code : EIJAER2029

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27. Application of Multi-Objective Mathematical Linear Programming Model for Supply Chain Management in a Fussy Environment       

Author(s )- Babatunde B.O pp 615- 633 Code : EIJAER2030

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28. Experimental investigation of unbalance response of geared shaft rotor system  

Author(s )- Seshendra Kumar, SundaraSiva Rao pp 634- 648 Code : EIJAER2031

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