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iPublishing is a scientific publishing organisation comprised of like-minded researchers, academics, and scholars who collaborate with a variety of prestigious institutions and research organisations throughout the world. This publishing section was developed with the goal of providing an online publishing platform for researchers, scholars, academia, Universities, Colleges, and research organisations to publish the results of their study. It is a community-driven publishing service that focuses on producing high-quality research papers that have never been published before in an easy-to-understand manner.

We presently published eight scientific journals that cover all main areas of research, and we hope to add more publications in the near future. There has been a significant increase in the number of online publishers in recent decades, with numerous organisations and individuals frequently releasing new scientific publications, making it easier for many researchers to publish their work. However, many of them have broad subject coverage that excludes numerous niche study fields; we intend to fill this gap with our service.

All of our journals are open access, peer reviewed, and published in a way that ensures the research work’s quality while requiring the least amount of effort from the authors. In this web platform, we focus on bringing out excellent, original research papers from researchers, scientists, academia, and postgraduate students. We presently publish eight journals in the fields of engineering, science, geo-matics, management, and other associated sciences, but we will be able to publish journals in more fields in the near future. Click here to see a list of the journals we now provide, and to learn more about each journal and submit papers, go to the respective micro-sites.

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We’ve been serving the research community for 6 years, publishing over 3000 high-quality research/review articles through our 8 publications, and we’re rapidly expanding our horizons. All of our papers are peer-reviewed and open-access, adhere to the Creative Commons License, and follow the highest publishing standards. Our articles are listed in major indexing services and journal listings, and we hope to list in many more indexing services in the near future. Authors that publish their research papers with us will benefit from extensive promotion and indexing both online and offline.

All of our publications are published online and hosted in reliable datacenters, allowing visitors and other researchers to refer to the articles published at any time. We are a group of scientists and academics who focus solely on assisting authors and researchers who want to publish their work in a high-quality platform for disseminating scientific knowledge. We are not a publication service or a private publisher that runs journals for monetary gain. We have grown and established our journals system into a quality platform in recent years, thanks to the assistance of the research community, and we are still evolving to find new venues to support researchers.

All researchers working in diverse domains are invited to use iPublishing’s services to publish their works. We’ve worked with over 20000 authors and produced over 3000 high-quality research papers. In addition, we are rapidly growing our offering to include significant science, engineering, and management disciplines. Our journals are widely read and cited by writers all over the world; in recent years, we have gotten a lot of citations due to the familiarity of our publications among researchers.

Our journals are now available through DOAJ, JGATE, and CNKI, as well as being indexed in major bibliographic databases. To assure quality and integrity in published articles, all of our journals employ ithenticate/ plagscan as a plagiarism checking technology.