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iPublishing (Integrated Publishing Association) is a digital publishing website focused on helping you understand the latest research and advancements in the fields of science and spirituality.

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At iPublishing, our mission is to provide you with insights and perspectives that help you make sense of the complex world around us.

To achieve this, we research and publish content from a wide range of experts, including scientists, spiritual leaders, and thinkers from a variety of disciplines.

Whether you’re looking for information on the latest discoveries in geomatics and environmental sciences or want to explore the ancient wisdom of spirituality, iPublishing is your go-to source for quality content that can help you expand your understanding of the world.

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Erica Jensen – Author and Editor

Erica Jensen is a spiritualist and researcher who studies the intersection of science and spirituality. She has a deep understanding of both fields and is able to provide insights that shed new light on both.

She has a passion for helping people to understand the interconnectedness of all things and to live in harmony with the natural world. Her work is grounded in the belief that we are all connected, and that by working together we can create a better future for all.

Erica Jensen is a highly respected member of the scientific community and her work is widely recognized. She is a sought-after speaker and teacher, and her work has been featured in many prestigious publications.

Erica is an expert in her field and her work is sure to inspire and enlighten everyone who encounters it.