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Volume 1 Number 1 2010

1.Vertical Linkage and Firm’s Performance in Supporting Industries in Vietnam
Author(s)- Nham Phong Tuan, Takahashi Yoshi pp 1-14 Code : EIJMRS1001

2. A study on the various welfare measures and their impact on QWL provided by the Textile Mills with reference to Salem District, Tamil Nadu, India
Author(s)- A. Sabarirajan, T.Meharajan, B.Arun pp 15-24 Code : EIJMRS1002

3. Impact of Industrial Relations on Employee Productivity
Author(s)-Tamilselvan.R, Bhavani.K pp 25-30 Code : EIJMRS1003

4. A Study of Patients’ Expectation and Satisfaction in Dindigul Hospitals
Author(s)-Manimaran.S, Sindhya.R, Venkateshwaran.P.S
pp 31- 43 Code : EIJMRS1004

5. Critical failure factors in enterprise resource planning implementation at Indian SME
Author(s)- Ganesh L, Arpita Mehta pp 44- 57 Code : EIJMRS1005

6. Marketing problems of edible oil industry in the state of Tamilnadu
Author(s)- Dhinesh babu.S, Venkateshwaran.P.S pp 58- 65 Code : EIJMRS1006

7. Critical success factors for sustainable housing: a framework from the project management view
Author(s)- Abu Hassan Abu Bakar et al., pp 66- 80 Code : EIJMRS1007

8. Deriving ‘Perishable delivery package’ for medium size retailers
Author(s)- Umadevi.K pp 81- 89 Code : EIJMRS1008

9. Global Financial Crisis: Chinese Stock Market Efficiency
Author(s)- Faiq Mahmood et al., pp 90-101 Code : EIJMRS1009

10. The Influence of Work-Family Factors on the Relationship between Job Autonomy and Intention to Stay among Single Mothers in Malaysia
Author(s)- Noraani Mustapha, Aminah Ahmad, Jegak Uli, Khairuddin Idris
pp 102-120 Code : EIJMRS1010

11. The different perspective of Managerial and Operational Level toward Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Practice in Thailand
Author(s)- Tanakorn Limsarun, Pacapol Anurit pp 121-129 Code : EIJMRS1011

12. Implanting Change in Organization Successfully
Author(s)- Preeti Khatri, Kapil Gulati pp 130-138 Code : EIJMRS1012

13. Economic Contribution and Analysis of Supply Chain of Tongan Squash Pumpkin Industry
Author(s)- Anand Chand, Suwastika Naidu, pp 139-156 Code : EIJMRS1013

14. Creating Successful Brand Experience for pharmaceutical products in India
Author(s)- Das.P.K pp 157-165 Code : EIJMRS1014

15. Corporate Characteristics, Governance attributes and the extent of Voluntary disclosure in Bangladesh
Author(s)- Md. Abdur Rouf pp 166-183 Code : EIJMRS1015

16. Roles of Language in Tourism Organisational Management
Author(s)- Thavorn Thitthongkam, John Walsh pp 184-199 Code : EIJMRS1016

17. Study of the relation of Customer Service and Entrepreneurial Opportunities
Author(s)- Seyed Mohammad Sadeq Khaksar et al., pp 200- 215 Code : EIJMRS1017

18. An exploratory study on consumer buying behavior in Pakistani perspective
Author(s)- Mumtaz Ali, Jing Fengjie, Naveed Akhtar Qureshi
pp 216- 228 Code : EIJMRS1018

19. Self-Medication, Doctor and Marketing of OTC Products
Author(s)- Rajesh Uttam Kanthe pp 229- 238 Code : EIJMRS1019

20. Personality traits in relation to Job satisfaction of Management Educators
Author(s)- Harold Andrew Patrick pp 239- 249 Code : EIJMRS1020

21. Weighting the Criteria of Brand Selecting in Beverage Industries in Iran
Author(s)- Naser Hamidi et. al., pp 250- 267 Code : EIJMRS1021

22. Behavior of Information Asymmetry during SEOs Issue Process: Evidence from China
Author(s)- Humera Shahid et. al., pp 268- 282 Code : EIJMRS1022

23. Capital Structure of Indian Corporate: Changing Trends
Author(s)- Ashok Kumar Panigrahi pp 283- 298 Code : EIJMRS1023

24. Constructs of Quality of Work Life– A Perspective of Textile and Engineering Employees
Author(s)- Mu.Subrahmanian, Anjani.N pp 299- 307 Code : EIJMRS1024

25. Factors Influencing Investment Decision of Generations in India:
an Econometric Study
Author(s)- Prashant Kumar Mishra, Gaurav Kabra, Manoj Kumar Dash
pp 308- 326 Code : EIJMRS1025

Volume 1 Number 2 2011

1. Impact of Online-Recruitment On Recruitment Performance
Author(s)- Navdeep Kumar, Pankaj Garg pp 327-336 Code : EIJMRS1026

2. Study on Customer Perception of Planet Health Retail Pharmacy Chain-Store at Ahmedabad City
Author(s)- Sunil Patel, Himanshu Barot, Keyur Darji pp 337-347 Code : EIJMRS1027

3. Examining Strategic Issues in Merger of Asian and Western MNCs: Holistic Cross Cultural Imperatives
Author(s)- Sajal Kabiraj pp 348-358 Code : EIJMRS1028

4. The Theoretical Framework of Ethnic Consumption Model of Financial Products
Author(s)- Heryanto pp 359-374 Code : EIJMRS1029

5. A Study on personnel commitment factors in Shiraz Chamran Hospitals: Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Iran
Author(s)- Farzaneh Bayat , Ehsan Korhani Shirazi pp 375-386 Code : EIJMRS1030

6. Importance and the Zone of Tolerance of Passengers’ Expectations of Indian Railway Passengers Services by applying RAILQUAL
Author(s)- Devi Prasad.M, Raja Shekhar.B pp 387- 401 Code : EIJMRS1031

7. The Background of Entrepreneurs: A survey
Author(s)- Patnaik.B.C.M, Prakash Kumar Pradhan pp 402- 414 Code : EIJMRS1032

8. The Evolution of Marketing History: a peek through Google Ngram Viewer
Author(s)- Nitu Kumar, Manish Sahu pp 415- 426 Code : EIJMRS1033

9. Financial Performance of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry -A Case Study
Author(s)- Amalendu Bhunia pp 427- 451 Code : EIJMRS1034

10. Understanding the Concept of Elasticity in Supply Chain Relationships:
An Agency Theory Perspective
Author(s)- Maryam Zomorrodi, Sajad Fayezi pp 452- 472 Code : EIJMRS1035

11. How effective is Man Power Planning in reducing Labour Turnover in Information Technology Enabled Services Organization
Author(s)- Edwin Christopher.S, Rekha Jain.N pp 473- 494 Code : EIJMRS1036

12. Estimating Beta of Vietnam Listed Construction Company Groups during the Financial Crisis
Author(s)- Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy pp 495- 509 Code : EIJMRS1037

13. An analysis of the relationship between firm integration and supply chain orientation
Author(s)- Abu Bakar Abdul Hamid, Inda Sukati pp 510- 538 Code : EIJMRS1038

14. Emerging challenges and issues of pulses imports in India
Author(s)- Yogesh Y. Biyani, Varsha S.Sukhadeve pp 539- 549 Code : EIJMRS1039

15. Study of the key market segmentation and targeting strategies followed by the leading FMCG companies in India
Author(s)- Amandeep Singh, Anil Chandhok pp 550- 557 Code : EIJMRS1040

16. Emotional Intelligence emerging as a significant tool for Female Information Technology professionals in managing role conflict and enhancing quality of Work-Life and Happiness
Author(s)- Mallika Dasgupta pp 558- 565 Code : EIJMRS1041

17. Individuality as a negative characteristic in students to carry out teamwork: and the challenges for a soft skills trainer to groom management students –
A critical review
Author(s)- Bhattacharyya Nirmalya pp 566- 577 Code : EIJMRS1042

18. Investigating Customer Relationship Management and service quality in Malaysian higher education
Author(s)- Wiwied Virgiyanti et al., pp 578- 593 Code : EIJMRS1043

19. Mobile Phone Usage Patterns among Indian consumer – An Exploratory Study
Author(s)- Sheetal Singla pp 594- 599 Code : EIJMRS1044

20. A study on Men’s perception in buying decisions on branded shirts in Tiruchirappalli District
Author(s)- Gopinath. R pp 600- 617 Code : EIJMRS1045

21. A study of liquidity trends on private sector steel companies in India
Author(s)- Amalendu Bhunia pp 618- 628 Code : EIJMRS1046

22. Innovation Quality Management in agricultural R & D organizations- mapping innovation quality and performance
Author(s)- Rana.A.S, Nanda.S.K, Sontakki.B.S pp 629- 643 Code : EIJMRS1047

23. Best practices of quality management in MSME of Uttar-Pradesh- Few Case Studies
Author(s)- Ghoshal. M, Madan. P pp 644- 656 Code : EIJMRS1048

24. A critical analysis of weak form efficiency in Indian Stock Market
Author(s)- Ambuj Gupta pp 657- 665 Code : EIJMRS1049

25. Hospitals ranking using fuzzy analytic hierarchy process – Balanced Score Card
Author(s)- Morteza Mousakhani et.al., pp 666- 678 Code : EIJMRS1050

26. Study the dimensions of social capital and the effect of its performance on entrepreneurial orientation- Case study of small and medium businesses
Author(s)- Khaksar S.M. Sadeq et.al., pp 679- 692 Code : EIJMRS1051

27. Lot size determination in the construction of double sampling plans
Author(s)- Radhakrishnan.R, Vasanthamani.P pp 693- 702 Code : EIJMRS1052

28. Pharmaceutical brand extension and its pricing: An empirical analysis
Author(s)- Prafulla Kumar Das pp 693- 702 Code : EIJMRS1053

29.Awareness Assessment Framework for Implementing the Sustainable Housing in Malaysia
Author(s)- Abu Hassan Abu Bakar et.al., pp 703- 713 Code : EIJMRS1054

30. A Study of Understanding of IPR Issues in Indian Premier Technical Academic Institutions
Author(s)- B. K. R. Naik et.al, pp 714- 723 Code : EIJMRS1055

31. A study on measuring the financial soundness of select firms with special reference to Indian steel industry – An empirical view with Z score
Author(s)- M.S.Ramaratnam, R.Jayaraman pp 724- 735 Code : EIJMRS1056

32. Effect on the industrial exports and GDP by oil exports growth
Author(s)- Zaroki shahryar , Motiee Reza pp 736- 745 Code : EIJMRS1057

33. Effects of personality on emotional intelligence between Professional and Non- professional students: Some exploratory evidence
Author(s)- Archana Das G.M pp 746- 758 Code : EIJMRS1058

34. Strategic planning for a food Industry Equipment manufacturing factory, Using SWOT Analysis, QSPM, and MAUT models
Author(s)- Mohammad Reza Shojaei et.al., pp 759- 771 Code : EIJMRS1059

35. Effect of mergers on efficiency and productivity of Indian banks: A CAMELS analysis
Author(s)- Jagdish R. Raiyani pp 772- 794 Code : EIJMRS1060

Special Issue – 1

1. Creating more effective HR managers through Emotional Intelligence skills training
Author(s)- Anathbandhu Patra pp 1- 9 Code : AJMRSP1001

2. A study to assess emotional intelligence and performance of Managers in
Co-operative and Gramya Banks in Orissa
Author(s)- Chandra Mohan Patnaik.B et.al., pp 10- 20 Code : AJMRSP1002

3. Employer branding: A new strategic dimension of Indian corporations
Author(s)- Suman Kumar Dawn, Suparna Biswas pp 21- 33 Code : AJMRSP1003

4. Exploring work values in Rabindrasangeet
Author(s)- Debdulal Dutta Roy, Esa Bandopadhyay pp 34- 39 Code : AJMRSP1004

5. Future of HR management in Indian scenario: Issues & Challenges
Author(s)- Saleena Khan, Bhawna Chahar pp 40- 48 Code : AJMRSP1005

6. A People – Centric approach in adoption of Innovation: A review and directions for future research
Author(s)- Anurupa Kundu, Debdulal Dutta Roy pp 49- 58 Code : AJMRSP1006

7. Ethical Organization and Employees
Author(s)- Nandita Mishra, Gulnar Sharma pp 59- 80 Code : AJMRSP1007

8. A Study on employee engagement in two Indian businesses
Author(s)- Malavika Desai et.al., pp 81- 97 Code : AJMRSP1008

9. Role of HR in Change Management
Author(s)- CS Shruti Rastogi , Itee Rastogi pp 98- 113 Code : AJMRSP1009

10. Spatial Influence on Organizational Creativity: Through syntactic analysis of Space
Author(s)- Sumanta Deb, Surabhi Sinha pp 114- 129 Code : AJMRSP10010

11. Cross cultural conflict resolution styles: An extensive literature review
Author(s)- Anu Singh Lather et.al., pp 130- 146 Code : AJMRSP10011

12. Motivation as a tool for productivity in Public sector unit
Author(s)- Mohammed Javed Kalburgi, Dinesh.G.P pp 147- 152 Code : AJMRSP10012

13. Enhancing creativity for organizational change
Author(s)- Rachna Tahilramani pp 153- 162 Code : AJMRSP10013

14. Managing organizational change
Author(s)- Subhajit Basu Chowdhury pp 163- 169 Code : AJMRSP10014

15. Employee engagement – Engaging the 21st century workforce
Author(s)- Abhijit Siddhanta, Debalina Roy pp 170- 189 Code : AJMRSP10015

16. Investing on Human Capital: Safe bet or a gamble?
Author(s)- Tapati Nandy, Ramchandra Mahapatra pp 190- 200 Code : AJMRSP10016

17. Strategic framework for human capital investment to create sustained competitive advantage
Author(s)- Tapati Nandy et.al., pp 201- 208 Code : AJMRSP10017

18. Quality of worklife and job satisfaction of a group of university employees
Author(s)- Rochita Ganguly pp 209- 216 Code : AJMRSP10018

19. A conceptual framework of faculty performance evaluation
Author(s)- Anup Kumar Ghosh et.al., pp 217- 229 Code : AJMRSP10019

20. The role of Human Resources (HR) in Six Sigma
Author(s)- Saibal Kr. Mukhopadhyay pp 230- 236 Code : AJMRSP10020

21. Human resource accounting: A new paradigm in the era of globalization
Author(s)- Raunak Narayan pp 237- 244 Code : AJMRSP10021

Volume 2 Number 1 2011

1. Some Aspects of Women Entrepreneurship in India
Author(s)- Ray Sarbapriya, Aditya Ray. Ishita pp 1- 13 Code : EIJMRS2001

2. Industrial exports and economic development in Iran
Author(s)- Safdari Mehdi, Zaroki pp 14- 23 Code : EIJMRS2002

3. Assessment of service quality in apparel retailing-A study of three select cities
Author(s)- Udaya Bhaskar.N, Raja Shekhar.B pp 24- 34 Code : EIJMRS2003

4. A comparative study of buying behavior of mobile phones among rural, semirural and urban teenagers of Nepal
Author(s)- Boby Joseph. S.J, Vishnu Khannal pp 35- 48 Code : EIJMRS2004

5. Celebrity Diplomacy- The Case of U2’s Bono
Author(s)- Parkee Bhatnagar, Amit Mittall pp 49- 60 Code : EIJMRS2005

6. Applying competitive strategy in quantity surveying firms: An evolving process
Author(s)- Nazirah Zainul Abidin et.al., pp 61-73 Code : EIJMRS2006

7. Simple and multiple relations between strategic human resource management and organizational innovation at Iranian Universities
Author(s)- Susan Bahrami et.al., pp 74-83 Code : EIJMRS2007

8. A study of problems faced by customers during visit of organized retail malls
Author(s)- Katole Hemant J pp 84-94 Code : EIJMRS2008

9. Assessment of operational efficiency of a leased out sugar cooperative
during cooperative and private management regime
Author(s)- Shinde U.R, Herekar P.M pp 95- 106 Code : EIJMRS2009

10. Entrepreneurial Personalities among the Entrepreneurs of MSMEs
(With reference to Puducherry)
Author(s)- Natarajan. P, Siva. S pp 107- 115 Code : EIJMRS2010

11. A study on factors influencing values among engineering college students
Author(s)- Ravikanth Balijepalli pp 116- 122 Code : EIJMRS2011

12. Non performing assets: Issues, Causes and remedial Solution
Author(s)- Poongavanam.S pp 123- 132 Code : EIJMRS2012

13. E-procurement milestones
Author(s)- Salkute.V.R pp 133- 137 Code : EIJMRS2013

14. A study on the correlation between market capitalisation and economic value added as measures of profitability
Author(s)- Maya Balaji pp 138- 148 Code : EIJMRS2014

15. The key of managerial problems in fuzzy world: Technique of order preference by similarity to ideal solution
Author(s)- Pragati Jain pp 149- 155 Code : EIJMRS2015

16. Moderating effect of social support on personal financial constraints and job stress relationship
Author(s)- Sajjad Ahmad et al., pp 156- 165 Code : EIJMRS2016

17. Towards a quality culture: The distance learning perspective
Author(s)- Prafulla Kumar Das pp 166- 173 Code : EIJMRS2017

18. Designing model for measurement effect of cultural capital component on Iran’s economic growth
Author(s)- Farzaneh Chavoshbashi at al., pp 174- 203 Code : EIJMRS2018

19. A study on role of cellular design in rate of personnel’s satisfaction and flexibility of production and montage lines: Case-working- clothing industry- production company
Author(s)- Nasser Hamidi, Targol Tabari pp 204- 216 Code : EIJMRS2019

20. Organisations’ support to quality circles – A comparative study of public and private sector in India
Author(s)- Kannan S, Govinda Rajan S.R pp 217- 227 Code : EIJMRS2020

21. Women empowerment through SHG,s in Kovilangulam panchayat, Usilampatti taluk, Madurai district –A case study
Author(s)- Manonmani. I.K, Prabhakaran.V.P pp 228- 236 Code : EIJMRS2021

22. Economic benefits of paradigm shift in business ownership and management in Nigeria: An empirical analysis of telecom sector in southwest, Nigeria
Author(s)- Sotunde Olalekan Anthony pp 237- 252 Code : EIJMRS2022

23. Exponentially weighted moving average control chart
Author(s)- Kalgonda A.A et al., pp 253- 263 Code : EIJMRS2023

24. Organized retail in India – Drivers facilitator and SWOT analysis
Author(s)- Deepika Jhamb, Ravi Kiran pp 264- 273 Code : EIJMRS2024

25. Psychological contract violation and its impact on intention to quit: A study of employees of public sector and old generation private sector banks in India
Author(s)- Lishin Moothery Joshy, Srilatha S pp 274- 288 Code : EIJMRS2025

26. Trait emotional intelligence as indicator of marketing employees’ potential
Author(s)- Srinivasan.J, Umadevi.K pp 289- 296 Code : EIJMRS2026

27. Optimization of material requirement planning by Goal programming model
Author(s)- Davood Gharakhani pp 297- 317 Code : EIJMRS2027

28. Conceptual understanding of sustainable competitive advantages of family firms through Causal Ambiguity
Author(s)- Mohammad Jasim Uddin pp 318- 328 Code : EIJMRS2028

29. Job burnout and managerial effectiveness relationship: Moderating effects of locus of control and perceivedOrganisational support: An empirical study on Indian managers
Author(s)- Shalini Srivastava pp 329- 347 Code : EIJMRS2029

30. Economic factors and Foreign Direct Investment in India: A correlation study
Author(s)- Nilofer Hussaini. N H pp 348- 358 Code : EIJMRS2030

31. Prioritization of COBIT Framework processes based on Sazehgostar Saipa’s Information Technology strategies
Author(s)- Hessam Zandhessami et.al., pp 359- 379 Code : EIJMRS2031

32. Determinants of Financial leverage in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry
Author(s)- Franklin John.S, Muthusamy. K pp 380- 389 Code : EIJMRS2032

33. Important parameters of refrigerators considered during their purchase: An exploratory study in Guwahati city in India
Author(s)- Goswami.S pp 390- 404 Code : EIJMRS2033

34. A common set of weights idea to measure efficiency and Identify productivity changes
Author(s)- Farhad Hosseinzadeh Lotfi et al., pp 405- 413 Code : EIJMRS2034

35. Customer satisfaction with ICICI bank ATMs in Tiruvarur district
Author(s)- Kumaran.C pp 414- 419 Code : EIJMRS2035

36. Consumer preference to health drinks in Tiruvarur town
Author(s)- Prakash.C pp 420- 427 Code : EIJMRS2036

37. The opinion of the dealers of Britannia products in Tiruvarur district
Author(s)- Ganesan.M, Ziaudeen.A pp 428- 433 Code : EIJMRS2037

38. The future of unorganized retailing in Kanyakumari district
Author(s)- Sivaraman. P pp 434- 442 Code : EIJMRS2038

39. A study on the factors affecting choice criteria of consumers for mobile handsets – A comparative analysis in Ludhiana & Sangrur districts
Author(s)- Sheetal Singla, Sanjeev Bansal pp 443- 456 Code : EIJMRS2039

40. Popularization of Biomass Briquettes- A means for Sustainable rural Development
Author(s)- Nandini Shekhar pp 457- 473 Code : EIJMRS2040

Volume 2 Number 2 2012

1. Influence of Non Financial Rewards on Job Satisfaction: A Case Study of Educational Sector of Pakistan
Author(s)- Tausif M pp 688- 696 Code : EIJMRS2058

2. Brand equity and branding strategies in regional perspective of Saudi Arabia
Author(s)- Alharthey Bandar Khalaf, Amran Rasli pp 697- 700 Code : EIJMRS2059

3. An analysis of world military expenditures: missile transfer
Author(s)- Sandeep Bhattacharjee pp 701- 710 Code : EIJMRS2060

4. Day-of-the-week effect on stock returns and volatility: The case of Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange, Vietnam
Author(s)- Truong Dong Loc pp 711- 721 Code : EIJMRS2061

5. Evaluating training & development effectiveness – A measurement model
Author(s)- Rama Devi V, Nagurvali Shaik pp 722- 735 Code : EIJMRS2062

6.Analysis of the current state of performance management system (PMS) in consumer durable electronics industry and the rating about the effectiveness of the proposed PMS
Author(s)- Shubhasheesh Bhattacharya pp 736- 748 Code : EIJMRS2063

7. Study of the Empowerment Facilitating and Limiting Factors of Managers in public bank branches of Qazvin city – Iran
Author(s)-Rohollah Ahmadi,Jamshid Sharifi,Pouya Nouri pp 749- 760 Code : EIJMRS2064

8. Ingredient branding: A differentiation strategy for FMCG companies
Author(s)-Gupta Ranu, Roy Rishu pp 761- 768 Code : EIJMRS2065

9. Economic efficiency of human values in industries
Author(s)-Singh Amit Kumar, Singh Mili pp 769- 777 Code : EIJMRS2066

10. Level of stress experienced by NWU employees: Towards developing a stress management
Author(s)-Eric S. Parilla pp 778- 781 Code : EIJMRS2067

11. Global website usability guidelines versus the perception of Iranian users
Author(s)-Maryamossadat Mousavi, Govindan Marthandan pp 782- 791 Code : EIJMRS2068

12. SMEs in India: Importance and Contribution
Author(s)-Sudha Venkatesh, Krishnaveni Muthiah pp 792- 796 Code : EIJMRS2069

13. Relationship of FDI and growth in India: A diagnostic study
Author(s)- Namita Rajput et al pp 797- 813 Code : EIJMRS2070

14. Six Thinking Hats
Author(s)-Mitez Sheth pp 814- 820 Code : EIJMRS2071

15. A study on shift work and health
Author(s)-Kameswara Rao K, Salma Ummul pp 821- 826 Code : EIJMRS2072

16. Repositioning Northern Nigeria for Sustainable Socio-Economic Growth and Development
Author(s)-Lawal Bello Dogarawa pp 827- 839 Code : EIJMRS2073

17. Need for instruction in persuasive communication for business management students: A study in the Indian context
Author(s)-Madhulika Panda, Kalyani Samantray pp 840- 854 Code : EIJMRS2074

Volume 3 Number 1 2012

1. Post Indian Stock Market’s Crisis and its impact on IPOs Underpricing: evidence from 2008-2011
Author(s)- Rohit Bansal, Ashu Khanna pp 1- 11 Code : EIJMRS3001

2. Analysis of leverage ratio in selected Indian public sector and private sector banks
Author(s)- Shipra Gupta pp 12- 19 Code : EIJMRS3002

3. A study on communication skills in English as life-line to all
Author(s)- Narayanrao. H.L pp 20- 23 Code : EIJMRS3003

4. Changing perceptional value of consumer on insurance products and services – A challenge to reach the unreached
Author(s)- Edwin Christopher.S pp 24- 44 Code : EIJMRS3004

5. Female presence in boardrooms: Review of global scenario in the context of legislative reforms in corporate governance
Author(s)- Soumi Rai pp 45 – 67 Code : EIJMRS3005

6. Impulse buying at airport terminals: A case of Indian consumers
Author(s)- Alka Sharma, Ankita Nanda pp 68 – 82 Code : EIJMRS3006

7. Dominant partial least square factors of consumer purchase behaviour of passenger cars
Author(s)- Balakrishnan Menon, Jagathy Raj V.P pp 83 – 99 Code : EIJMRS3007

8. The New FDI policy in Retail in India: Promises, Problems and Perceptions
Author(s)- Chandu. K. L pp 100 – 106 Code : EIJMRS3008

9. A study on employee empowerment to motivate the employees in health care industry in a private multi-speciality organization
Author(s)- Swarnalatha.C, Prasanna.T.S pp 107 – 115 Code : EIJMRS3009

10. A study of performance and characteristics of open ended mutual funds
Author(s)- Sweta Goel, Rahul Sharma, Mukta Mani pp 116 – 124 Code : EIJMRS3010

11. Human resources management practices’ influence on faculty commitment in higher educational institutions
Author(s)- Harold Andrew Patrick, Shiju Sebastian pp 125 – 138 Code : EIJMRS3011

12. Study on the three way influence of self concept, ethnocentrism and impulsiveness on consumer’s exploratory tendencies
Author(s)- Kewlani Swati, Singh Sandeep pp 139 – 152 Code : EIJMRS3012

13. Role of perceived organizational support on stress-satisfaction relationship: An empirical study
Author(s)- Deepti Pathak pp 153 – 177 Code : EIJMRS3013

14. A goal programming approach to rubber-tea intercropping management in Tripura
Author(s)- Nabendu Sen, Manish Nandi pp 178 – 183 Code : EIJMRS3014

15. Examination of fraud in the Nigerian banking sector and its prevention
Author(s)- Akinyomi O. J. pp 184 – 192 Code : EIJMRS3015

16. Brand Personality Mapping: A study on Colas
Author(s)- Das J.K., Prakash O, Khattri V pp 193 – 200 Code : EIJMRS3016

17. A study on the determinants of growth for SMEs – with reference to Servo Stabilizer manufacturing units
Author(s)- Sudha Venkatesh, Krishnaveni Muthiah pp 201 – 211 Code : EIJMRS3017

18. Business bankruptcy prediction models: A significant study of the Altman’s Z-score model
Author(s)- Sanobar anjum pp 212 – 219 Code : EIJMRS3018

19. Rythu bazaars – A study of the benefits received by farmers
Author(s)- Subhendu Dey pp 220 – 231 Code : EIJMRS3019

20. The relationship between leadership behaviors and front-line service employees’ customer orientation in the Thai hotel industry
Author(s)- Suthinee Rurkkhum pp 232 – 252 Code : EIJMRS3020

21. Problems and expectations of the farmers in marketing paddy in Tiruvarur district, Tamilnadu
Author(s)- Prakash C pp 253 – 262 Code : EIJMRS3021

22. Measurement of training facilities and customer satisfaction: a case study of BPATC
Author(s)-Md. Zohurul Islam et al pp 263 – 276 Code : EIJMRS3022

23. Supply chain management: The educational organization perspective
Author(s)- Murali Krishna.M, Venkata Subbaiah.K pp 277 – 281 Code : EIJMRS3023

24. Non-retail franchising business model: Factors for strategic decisions in the formation phase
Author(s)- Jirat Sirichalermpong,Chuvej Chansa-ngavej pp 282-290 Code : EIJMRS3024

25. Relationship between national culture and TQM implementation, Case study: Iranian multinational electrical manufacturing companies
Author(s)- Abbas Mardani, Mansooreh Kazemilari pp 291-312 Code : EIJMRS3025

Volume 3 Number 2 2012

1. Measuring service quality in supply chain: Proposed model
Author(s)- Kamakoty J, Sohani N pp 313-324 Code : EIJMRS3026

2. Rural banking through internet: A study on use of internet banking among rural consumers
Author(s)- Bhavesh J. Parmar et al pp 325-335 Code : EIJMRS3027

3. An empirical study to investigate the relationship between switching barriers and service recovery evaluation of consumers
Author(s)- Vikas Gautam pp 336-344 Code : EIJMRS3028

4. Cost optimization strategies for food and beverages industries, India
Author(s)- Kanahalli. B. M, Shivaraj. S. Hutti pp 345-353 Code : EIJMRS3029

5. The problem of stereotype management in Indian higher education
Author(s)- Shanthakumari. R, Somalingam. A pp 354-364 Code : EIJMRS3030

6. PEST- Benefit/Threat Analysis for selection of ERP in Cloud for SMEs
Author(s)- Tripti Mahara pp 365-373 Code : EIJMRS3031

7. A study of factors affecting Investor’s preferences between mutual fund and equity
Author(s)- Vishal Geete, Anshu Thakur, Avinash Desai
pp 374-383 Code : EIJMRS3032

8. Job satisfaction and employees participation in government sector organization of Pakistan
Author(s)- Mohsin Altaf et al pp 384-393 Code : EIJMRS3033

9. Study of online shopping behavior and its impact on online deal websites
Author(s)- Nidhi Vishnoi Sharma, Varsha Khattri pp 394-405 Code : EIJMRS3034

10. Causes of work stress of teachers in engineering education
Author(s)- Senthil Kumar A, Mohan S, Velmurugan R pp 406-419 Code : EIJMRS3035

11. Study of CRM performance measurement in IT firms
Author(s)-Pradeep Kootelu Sundar et al pp 420-429 Code : EIJMRS3036

12. An Intelligent Project Based Organization Maturity ‎Model (IPBOMM)‎ for Moroccan engineering companies
Author(s)- Alami Marrouni Oussama et al pp 430-445 Code : EIJMRS3037

Volume 4 Number 1 2013 – First quarterly issue

1. Customer satisfaction in mobile telephony: An analysis of major telecommunication service providers in Nigeria
Author(s)- Ode Egena pp 1-11 Code : EIJMRS4001

2. The role of informal economy and the ethics in manage the human resource and business
Author(s)- Arsim GJINOVCI pp 12-18 Code : EIJMRS4002

3. Inhibiting factors of improving E-business in developing countries (Case study with focus in Iran)
Author(s)- Mina Yazdanipour, Farid Mahalati pour pp 19-26 Code : EIJMRS4003

4. Second career of women professionals in India: A corporate perspective
Author(s)- Saundarya Rajesh pp 27-47 Code : EIJMRS4004

5. Revisiting MBA education in India
Author(s)- Prafulla Kumar Das pp 48-56 Code : EIJMRS4005

6. Study of organizational culture and organizational change
Author(s)- Filip Ilie pp 57-74 Code : EIJMRS4006

7. Problem and expectations of judges from media in judicial decision making
Author(s)- Mili Singh, Amit Kumar Singh pp 75-82 Code : EIJMRS4007

8. Empirical analysis of evaluation of line managers perceptions towards safety in an Indian construction organization
Author(s)- Raja Prasad SVS, Prasada Rao YVSSSV pp 83-91 Code : EIJMRS4008

9. Evaluation of the scope and influencers’ of social media marketing
Author(s)- Varsha Khattri, Nidhi Vishnoi Sharma pp 92-104 Code : EIJMRS4009

10. Business excellence models based on vedic hindu philosophy
Author(s)- Brijesh Goswami and Vandana Mittal pp 105-113 Code : EIJMRS4010

11. Value at risk methodology for measuring performance of mutual funds
Author(s)- Anu Sahi et al pp 114-129 Code : EIJMRS4011

12. Factors influencing the level of adoption of Internet banking: An integration of TAM and Web Trust Model
Author(s)- Muneesh Kumar et al pp 130-145 Code : EIJMRS4012

13. Challenges and opportunities for improving quality in teaching and learning at higher educational institutions
Author(s)- Edwin Christopher. S pp 146-152 Code : EIJMRS4013

14. Corporate social responsibility and financial performance: Evidence from Nigerian manufacturing sector
Author(s)- Enahoro John. A et al pp 153-162 Code : EIJMRS4014

15. Impact of mergers on firm’s performance: An analysis of the Indian telecom industry
Author(s)- Neha Verma, Rahul Sharma pp 163-175 Code : EIJMRS4015

16. Opportunity analysis of an Intelligent Project Based Organization Model (IPBOM) for Moroccan project based organizations application to engineering sector
Author(s)- Alami Marrouni Oussama et al pp 176-196 Code : EIJMRS4016

17. A comparative analysis of factors affecting faculty’s’ intention to stay at Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) and GGSIP University affiliate MBA institutions
Author(s)- Malati. N et al pp 197-207 Code : EIJMRS4017

18. Predicting earning management using RBF, ICA, and SVM in firms listed in Tehran security exchange
Author(s)- Mohammad Esmaeil Ezazi et al pp 208-220 Code : EIJMRS4018

19. A study of customer perception on service quality of online tourism companies
Author(s)- Nidhi Phutela, Hirak Dasgupta pp 221-231 Code : EIJMRS4019

Volume 4 Number 2 2013

1. Multi-dimensional poverty index (MPI) status of tribes in Attappady Block, Palakkad district, Kerala
Author(s)- Richard Scaria, Sumesh. K, Irfan. T pp 232-240 Code : EIJMRS4020

2. Criticizing postmodern perspective in management and organizations by using the Islamic approach
Author(s)- Mehran Aslaniyan, Saeideh Pasandi pp 241-255 Code : EIJMRS4021

3. Performance appraisal practices in indian service and manufacturing sector organizations
Author(s)- Rohan Singh, Madhumita Mohanty, Mohanty. A.K pp 256-265 Code : EIJMRS4022

4. The influence of human resources management practices, and government’s role in the organizational performance of small businesses in Malaysia
Author(s)- Yusra Yaseen Lazim, Noor Azlinna Binti Azizan pp 266-287
Code : EIJMRS4023

5. Factors influencing health and healthcare delivery system for the urban poor in Chittagong city, Bangladesh
Author(s)- Shamsun Nahar, M Maksudur Rahman pp 288-296 Code : EIJMRS4024

6. Interrelationship of Aaker’s customer based brand equity dimensions: offering a model to banking sector
Author(s)- Sonu Dua, Ramandeep Chahal, Aradhana Sharma pp 297-307
Code : EIJMRS4025

7. Relationship of working capital with liquidity, Profitability and solvency: A case study of ACC limited
Author(s)- Panigrahi. A.K pp 308-322 Code : EIJMRS4026

Volume 4 Number 3 2013

1. A descriptive approach of motivation factors enhancing health workers’ effective maintaining in Togolese healthcare system
Author(s)- Doman GNOUFOUGOU, Nadedjo BIGOU-LARE
pp 324-336 Code : EIJMRS4027

2. Evaluating the relationship between human resource management component and the conversion process of knowledge management with emphasis on Nonaka & Takeuchi Model in Pars Khodro Co. (car manufacturer) from IRAN
Author(s)-Ayoub Kheirollahi et al pp 337-349 Code : EIJMRS4028

3. A study on performance appraisal system practiced in sugar mills, and its impact on employees’ motivation. A case study of Simbhawli sugar limited, India
Author(s)- Abhinanda Gautam pp 350-360 Code : EIJMRS4029

4. The impact of BPR, TQM, OL and ownership structure on product innovation in Vietnamese equitized firms
Author(s)-Ta Thi Hong Hanh, Sununta Siengthai pp 361-377 Code : EIJMRS4030

5. Concepts of service quality measurement in hotel industry
Author(s)- Meharajan. T pp 378-387 Code : EIJMRS4031

6. Is FDI driving Intellectual capital? A panel data analysis
Author(s)-Karam Pal Narwal et al pp 388-403 Code : EIJMRS4032

7. A collaborative vendor-buyer deteriorating inventory system in declining market when trade credit is offered
Author(s)- Nita H. Shah, Nidhi Raykundaliya pp 404-418 Code : EIJMRS4033

8. Work-life balance practices and female lecturers’ career progression in Ghana
Author(s)-Felicity Asiedu-Appiah et al pp 419- 431 Code : EIJMRS4034

9. Optimal number of scale points in likert type scales for quantifying compulsive buying behaviour
Author(s)- Santanu Choudhury, Dibyojyoti Bhattacharjee
pp 432- 440 Code : EIJMRS4035

10. Leadership styles in insurance sector: a critical appraisal of life insurance corporation of India
Author(s)- Pradeep Kumar pp 441- 455 Code : EIJMRS4036

11. Conceptual model for assessment of service quality across supply chain
Author(s)- Kamakoty J, Sohani N pp 456- 469 Code : EIJMRS4037

12. An efficient and effective mechanism of work flow in an organization
Author(s)- Aswin Chandrasekharan et al pp 470- 484 Code : EIJMRS4038

13. The profitability of trade in Serbia Author(s)- Radojko Lukic pp 485- 500
Code : EIJMRS4039

14. A study on the perception of stock market investments among government employees in Calicut city
Author(s)- Mayadevi thampatty P.C., Mohana krishnan P.C pp 501- 508
Code : EIJMRS4040

15. Application of the dividend discount model to Infosys
Author(s)- Vinita Mungikar, Muralidhar. K.S.V pp 509- 515
Code : EIJMRS4041

16. An analysis of teachers’ perceptions towards teamwork
Author(s)- Mohamad Johdi Salleh, Bakare Kazeem Kayode pp 516- 526
Code : EIJMRS4042

17.Bandwagon effect and network externalities in market demand
Author(s)- Amita Maxwell pp 527- 532 Code : EIJMRS4043

18. Role of social media marketing to enhance CRM and brand equity in terms of purchase intention
Author(s)- Mirza Ashfaq Ahmed, Zahra Zahid pp 533- 549
Code : EIJMRS4044

19. Construct validation on organizational strategies and performance dimensions using confirmatory factor analysis
Author(s)- Haim Hilman, Narentheren Kaliappen pp 550- 560
Code : EIJMRS4045

20. A study on assessing the awareness on needle stick injury (NSI) with regard to infection control measures among the paramedical and Housekeeping staffs
Author(s)- Nirmala Devi N, Sharanya Paranthaman, Bhooma Devi pp 561- 569
Code : EIJMRS4046

21. Does Wal-Mart strategic management have advantages in comparison with Iranian Shahrvand chain stores strategic management?
Author(s)- Yousef Mahdi, Mohammad Sadrinia pp 570- 582
Code : EIJMRS4047

22. Organisational work pressure rings a “time-out” alarm for children: A dual-career couple’s study
Author(s)- Gurvinder Kaur, Raj Kumarpp 583- 596
Code : EIJMRS4048

23. Application of DEA for performance evaluation of Indian microfinance institutions
Author(s)- Ritika Singh, et al pp 597- 605
Code : EIJMRS4049

24. Measurement of efficiency of major ports in India – A data envelopment analysis approach
Author(s)- Rajasekar.T, Sania Ashraf. P.P, Malabika Deo pp 606- 616
Code : EIJMRS4050

25. A review on supply chain coordination: a classification of coordination mechanisms and problems
Author(s)- Noureddine Labiad, Zitouni Beidouri, Otmane Bouksour pp 617- 630
Code : EIJMRS4051

26. Indian life insurance industry changing scenario and need for innovation
Author(s)- Arvind Kumar Singh, Mamta Singh pp 631- 636
Code : EIJMRS4052

Volume 4 Issue 4 2014

1. The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and life insurance: The case of Nigeria
Author(s)- Chukwuemeka Echebiri et al pp 637- 644
Code : EIJMRS4053

2. A study on viewer’s perception towards watching national English news channels with special reference to Malabar region of Kerala
Author(s)- Mohana Krishnan P.C pp 645- 652
Code : EIJMRS4054

3. Construct validation on organizational strategies and performance dimensions using confirmatory factor analysis
Author(s)- Haim Hilman, Narentheren Kaliappen pp 653- 662
Code : EIJMRS4055

4. Personal factors and opinion about strategic contribution of functional managers with reference to the engineering industries in SME – Coimbatore city
Author(s)- Rajesh Chinnasami, P.Palanivelu pp 663- 670
Code : EIJMRS4056

5. A Study of organizational dynamics through OCTAPACE culture in IT companies
Author(s)- Harish B. Bapat et. al., pp 671- 682
Code : EIJMRS4057

6. The evolution of wine emerging markets: the case of china
Author(s)- Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva, Wenxiao Zhang pp 683- 698
Code : EIJMRS4058

7. Implementation of combination strategy based on porter’s model: success built on lost opportunity in industrial lubricants
Author(s)- Prakash R.Awade pp 699- 710
Code : EIJMRS4059

8. Transformational social leadership model – growth of women as social leaders a case study approach
Author(s)- Beena Salim pp 711- 718
Code : EIJMRS4060

9. Inventory management of cement industries in Ariyalur district – a study
Author(s)- Balakrishnan V, Selvaraj pp 719- 728
Code : EIJMRS4061

Volume 5 Issue 1 2014 – August issue

1. HRM in libraries: An Indian perspective
Author(s)- Leela Dhar Mangi pp 1- 15 Code : EIJMRS5001

2. Does individual’s investment personality explore their investment success?
Author(s)- Charles. A, Kasilingam. R pp 16- 30 Code : EIJMRS5002

3. A study on the relationships between MBTI psychological types and MODE conflict styles
Author(s)- Shruti Gupta­, Shikha Bhardwaj pp 31- 43 Code : EIJMRS5003

4. A causal model of compensation and benefits and reward management on organizational effectiveness of MNCs
Author(s)- Sorasak Tangthong pp 44- 65 Code : EIJMRS5004

5. Impact of reality shows on common man and its sustainability
Author(s)- Subramaniam. S, Himanshu Tiwari pp 66- 78 Code : EIJMRS5005

6. Market share prediction of Italian and Spanish brands in the fashion market of Georgia by the expectancy value model (case study: Zara, Mango, Massimo dutti as Spanish brands and Giorgio Armani, Versace, Diesel as Italian brands)
Author(s)- Yousef Mahdi et al pp 79- 90 Code : EIJMRS5006

7. Policy rate changes and the movement of stock market- (With special reference to nifty)
Author(s)- Pooja Talreja pp 91- 100 Code : EIJMRS5007

8. Scale development for relationship marketing orientation of telecom companies
Author(s)- Umesh Mishra, Ashish Saurikhia pp 101- 111 Code : EIJMRS5008

9. The commodities derivative market – An intricate study of commodity options and commodity index investing
Author(s)- Salim A Shamsher, Sanjay Mali pp 112- 123 Code : EIJMRS5009

10. An extended technology acceptance model for internet banking adoption
Author(s)- Montana Intana, Chuvej Chansa-ngavej pp 124- 137 Code : EIJMRS5010

11. HRD practices and its impact towards job satisfaction in BSNL, Thanjavur SSA- A study
Author(s)- Gopinath. R, Shibu.N.Spp 138- 147 Code : EIJMRS5011

12. Exploring the strategic management practices in university of the Punjab, Pakistan
Author(s)- Selma Karatepe, Masood Nawaz Kalyar pp 148- 163 Code : EIJMRS5012

13. The Brazilian labor market: Booming or dooming?
Author(s)- Renata Klafke et al pp 164- 172 Code : EIJMRS5013

14. Microfinance as a means of poverty alleviation: Case of Solidarity Funds for Development (SOFDEV) in North West and South West regions of Cameroon
Author(s)- Fon D.E et al pp 173- 179 Code : EIJMRS5014

15. Exploratory revision of concepts and practices of knowledge management
Author(s)- Leena Nitin Fukey, Surya Sarah Issac pp 180- 190 Code : EIJMRS5015

Volume 5 Issue 2 2014 – November issue

1. Communication with doctors: empowering Pharma field force with modern marketing techniques
Author(s)- Lokesh Kumar and Ashok Panigrahi pp 191- 201 Code : EIJMRS5201

2. A study on consumer purchase intention towards ready-to-eat food in Ahmedabad
Author(s)- Asma Hawa et al pp 202- 209 Code : EIJMRS5202

3. Investigation of relationship between organizational culture and job satisfaction of faculty members of university of Ilam, Iran
Author(s)- Seyed Ali Akbar Ahmadi et al pp 210- 222 Code : EIJMRS5203

4. The evolution of Aeronautics industry in developing countries: The case of Morocco
Author(s)- Driss Rchid, Otmane Bouksour, Zitouni Beidouri pp 223- 233 Code : EIJMRS5204

5. Imparting entrepreneurship education for strategic innovation and economic development: A study in Odisha
Author(s)- Manas Kumar Pal, Anamika pp 234- 253 Code : EIJMRS5205

6. Assessing parameters of employability skills: an employers’ perspective
Author(s)- Chavan R.R., Surve A.Y pp 254- 260 Code : EIJMRS5206

7. Financial management skills of the SHG members: A case study of Perambalur block
Author(s)- Anuradha R, Nixon Singh E pp 254- 260 Code : EIJMRS5207

Volume 5 Issue 3 2015 – February issue

1. Price volatility of selected high value vegetables in cordillera administrative region, Philippines
Author(s)- Samuel L. Duyan, Leopoldo N. Tagarino pp 261- 280 Code : EIJMRS5208

2. Management Protocols at Google Incorporation
Author(s)- Noman Ali, Farhan Ali pp 281- 295 Code : EIJMRS5209

3. Rural women weavers’ of Assam: Artistic skills and entrepreneurial issues
Author(s)- Lakhimi J. Chutia and Anjan Bhuyan pp 296- 311 Code : EIJMRS5210

4. An exploratory study on quality of work life and its impact on organizational effectiveness
Author(s)- Punam Singh pp 312- 322 Code : EIJMRS5211

5. Work life balance of women employees in the information technology industry
Author(s)- Vijayakumar Bharathi. S et al pp 323- 343 Code : EIJMRS5212

6. Widespread of management control systems and national culture: theoretical framework
Author(s)- Mouhcine Tallaki , Enrico Bracci pp 344- 357 Code : EIJMRS5213

7. Impact of knowledge sharing on organizational learning: Moderating effect of organizational leadership
Author(s)- Ayesha Khalid and Muhammad Ahmed pp 358- 371 Code : EIJMRS5214

8. Culture of empowerment in Insurance industry: A study on Public Sector Corporation
Author(s)- Sujit Roy pp 372- 382 Code : EIJMRS5215

9. A viewpoint and attitude of a customer towards promotional schemes and influence of brand on purchasing consumer household appliances
Author(s)- Arpit Saxena and Ankit Saxena pp 383- 390 Code : EIJMRS5216

10. Corporate Governance PRACTICES, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Firm Performance: Evidence from French Stock Exchange
Author(s)- Hanene EZZINE and Bernard Olivero pp 391- 406 Code : EIJMRS5217

11. Entrepreneurial psychological capital of postgraduate management and non-management students in Kerala, India
Author(s)- Nimitha Aboobaker et al pp 407- 420 Code : EIJMRS5218

12. The relationship between Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Organizational Commitment in educational organizations (Education and Training Teachers of Fouman)
Author(s)- Behzad Afshe and Seyed Abbas Mousavi pp 421- 432 Code : EIJMRS5219

13. Business analytics a tool to business experimentation- Issues and challenges
Author(s)- Shikha Tripathi, Kushendra Mishra pp 433- 437 Code : EIJMRS5220

14. The territorial attractiveness, governance, Infrastructures and logistics activities: Case of Tangier city, Morocco
Author(s)- Abbes El hasbi et al pp 438- 450 Code : EIJMRS5221

15. Approaching and managing delivery of a project using Project Management methodologies
Author(s)- Maheshwari Patel Niranjan pp 451- 458 Code : EIJMRS5222

16. The Pre and Post legislative development of CSR in India: A case illustration of Mahindra and Mahindra
Author(s)- Pooja Srivastava and Surabhi Goyal pp 459- 469 Code : EIJMRS5223

Volume 5 Issue 4 2015 – May issue

1. Rural policyholders’ preference on health insurance
Author(s)- Chithirai Selvan M, Shanmugapriya M pp 470- 480 Code : EIJMRS5224

2. Study the effect of age on adoption level of IT enabled VAS in public and private sector bank
Author(s)- Subramaniam S et al pp 481- 486 Code : EIJMRS5225

3. An inquiry into entrepreneurial characteristics amongst students in Ahmedabad
Author(s)- Neha Taneja, Pervin A. Gandhi pp 487- 496 Code : EIJMRS5226

4. Implementing a turnaround strategy: A case study in services industry
Author(s)- Niraj Vyas pp 497- 515 Code : EIJMRS5227

5. Relationship between learning new math book written with an increase students’ creativity Case study in first-grade, in elementary schools during the academic year 2013 to 2014 in Karaj
Author(s)- Zahra Jafari et al pp 516- 526 Code : EIJMRS5228

6. Investigation of factors affecting technology valuation
Author(s)- Chin-Chiuan Lin and Yi-Chang Chen pp 527- 535 Code : EIJMRS5229

7. A critical review of Sustainable Competitive Advantage as the ubiquitous dependent variable and Core Competency theory as the critical internal driver of performance
Author(s)- Reuben Maino Daniel pp 536- 541 Code : EIJMRS5230

8. Customers gap in health care private services sector in Sudan test of differentiation
Author(s)- Abd Elmonim Seesym et al pp 542- 557 Code : EIJMRS5231

9. Constraints in production and marketing of organic vegetable growers in Belagavi district of Karnataka
Author(s)- Mahadevappa Muttalageri et al pp 558- 565 Code : EIJMRS5232

10. DuPont Analysis of Axis Bank
Author(s)- Mehta Piyush Ramesh pp 566- 569 Code : EIJMRS5233

11. Information content of insider trading: Evidence from Colombo stock exchange
Author(s)- Perera K.L.U.D and Nimal, P.D pp 570- 582 Code : EIJMRS5234

12.Subordinates’ perspectives on ethical leadership and managerial effectiveness
Author(s)- Peter Adoko Obicci pp 583- 595 Code : EIJMRS5235

13. Investigating the quality of changes made in new Math books at Third Grade Elementary school, and their role in improving students’ learning -A case study on Elementary Schools in Tehran, District 15
Author(s)- Afsanh Beg Mohammadi, Keyvan Salehi pp 596- 605 Code : EIJMRS5236

14. Multi-criteria Decision in the Adoption of Cloud Computing Services for SME’s based on BOCR Analysis
Author(s)- Sania Khan et al pp 606- 619 Code : EIJMRS5237

15. Application of Shannon’s Index to Study Diversity with Reference to Census Data of Assam
Author(s)- Parmita Sarma and Dhruba Das pp 620- 628 Code : EIJMRS5238

16. Forecasting the Trends of NPAs in Indian Banking Sector
Author(s)- Hemavathy R and Arunkumar T pp 629- 634 Code : EIJMRS5239

17. Influence tactics that improve work engagement: faculty experiences in technical educational institutions
Author(s)- Pallavi, Harold Andrew Patrick pp 635- 652 Code : EIJMRS5240

18. Expatriate capabilities and financial performance of multinational corporations (MNC’S) in Uganda a case of Huawei, (U) Ltd
Author(s)- Abuga Mokono Isaac, Macharah Victor pp 653- 665 Code : EIJMRS5241

19. Skill development initiatives and strategies
Author(s)- Sonali Kanchan, Sakshi Varshney pp 666- 672 Code : EIJMRS5242

20. Employability of engineering graduates in IT sector – (A case study of COEP)
Author(s)- Meshram S. A, Devesh Dubey pp 673- 683 Code : EIJMRS5243

21. Flipkart: Flipping things into everybody Kart
Author(s)- Prashant Pathak pp 684- 689 Code : EIJMRS5244

Volume 6 Issue 1 2015 – August issue

1. Importance of employability skills in information technology multinational corporations
Author(s)- Anjani Srikanth Koka, Meenakshi Raman pp 1- 9 Code : EIJMRS6001

2. Marketing strategy of the marine engine in the Taiwan-China transportation market
Author(s)- Chin-Chiuan Lin et al pp 10- 15 Code : EIJMRS6002

3. Impact of brand loyalty on buying behavior of women consumers with respect to make-up cosmetics in Pune city*
Author(s)- Mukta Srivastava pp 16- 28 Code : EIJMRS6003

4. Revisiting the strategic management process through the levels of strategy analysis
Author(s)- Reuben Maino Daniel pp 29- 34 Code : EIJMRS6004

5. Relationship between ethical atmosphere at workplace and job satisfaction
Author(s)- Roopali Awasthi pp 35- 42 Code : EIJMRS6005

6. Effect of workplace bullying on employee performance in the public sector
Author(s)- Peter Adoko Obicci pp 43- 55 Code : EIJMRS6006

7. Financial deepening, Foreign Direct Investment and Economic growth
Author(s)- Sharmiladevi J.C pp 56- 62 Code : EIJMRS6007

8. Cracking the cross cultural code: Barriers and strategies to successful survival in foreign organizations
Author(s)-Surbhi Kapur et al pp 63- 76 Code : EIJMRS6008

9. Entrepreneurship: A boost to economy An empirical study on entrepreneurial self-efficacy and career intention at an early age
Author(s)- Shikha Chandra and Srilatha.S pp 77- 99 Code : EIJMRS6009

10. Management education issues, challenges and opportunities in India
Author(s)- Edwin Christopher S pp 100- 110 Code : EIJMRS6010

11. Perception of students towards private higher education institution with special reference to Jind District
Author(s)- Amit Kumar Badgujjar Manjeet Kaur pp 111- 123 Code : EIJMRS6011

12. Links among service climate, employee satisfaction, service quality and customer satisfaction
Author(s)- Mervat Mohamed Elsaied Morsy pp 124- 140 Code : EIJMRS6012

13. The impact of social networking media for Management/Engineering institutions’ promotion with special reference to Facebook
Author(s)- Pranjal Muley, Nirmala Joshi pp 141- 148 Code : EIJMRS6013

14. Employability of Engineering Graduates in IT sector – (A case study of COEP)
Author(s)- Meshram S. A, Devesh Dubey pp 149- 159 Code : EIJMRS6014

15. Change in consumer behaviour and their effect on the luxury accessory business in India
Author(s)- Anudeep Arora et al pp 160- 166 Code : EIJMRS6015

16. A comparative study of job satisfaction of private and public banking sector of Delhi and Noida
Author(s)- Charu Dutta, Jeet Singh pp 167- 176 Code : EIJMRS6016

17. Women, work and stress management- A comparative study of finance and hospitality sectors
Author(s)- Sudha Tiwari, Rashmi Bansal pp 177- 186 Code : EIJMRS6017

18. Creating a model to measure entrepreneurial intensity
Author(s)- Kavita Chauhan et al pp 187- 207 Code : EIJMRS6018

19. Young manufacturing enterprises in the growth phase located in the Wilaya of Tetouan, Morocco: A model for measurement of the impact of quality on their growth
Author(s)- Mohamed Ben Ali et al pp 208- 222 Code : EIJMRS6019

20. Evaluation Investment pattern of working women in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad – A study
Author(s)- Sreelatha Reddy K, Lalitha Narayanan pp 223- 242 Code : EIJMRS6020

Volume 6 Issue 2 2015 – November issue

1. Microfinance through self help group as catalyst for poverty reduction and women empowerment
Author(s)- Vasantha pp 243- 257 Code : EIJMRS6021

2. Effective cultural traits on economic indicators and business communications growth in GLOBE studied Asian countries (with an emphasis on Iran)
Author(s)- Saeideh Babajani Mohammadi et al pp 258- 271 Code : EIJMRS6022

3. Unique selling proposition in sales of life insurance– A key to success
Author(s)- Sanjay Sinha pp 272- 285 Code : EIJMRS6023

4. Understanding changing buying behavior towards FMCG segment in different retail format: A Study of Jammu region
Author(s)- Vinay Kesar, Vivek Sharma pp 286- 298 Code : EIJMRS6024

5. Performance as the 5thP of marketing mix
Author(s)- Umer Ibni Assad pp 299- 303 Code : EIJMRS6025

6. An analysis of retail investor’s perception towards mutual funds
Author(s)- Siby Joseph K, Joseph M.A pp 304- 317 Code : EIJMRS6026

7. Human resource problems in the organization- Explaining case studies
Author(s)- Puja Bansal pp 318- 329 Code : EIJMRS6027

8. Using the caf model for amelioraton of service quality in Moroccan public administration
Author(s)- Ellamrani Benhanana, Souad Houfaidi pp 330- 343 Code : EIJMRS6028

9. The church and cultural Ostracisation in Ghana
Author(s)- Confidence Worlanyo Bansah pp 344- 353 Code : EIJMRS6029

10. The container traffic performance at major ports in India
Author(s)- Beena Puthillath, Jayakumar S pp 354- 367 Code : EIJMRS6030

11. Impact of HR practices on perceived employee performance
Author(s)- Babu Michael et al pp 368- 378 Code : EIJMRS6031

12. Survey on the use of supply chain related information technologies in Moroccan context
Author(s)- Abdelkhak Nakabi et al pp 379- 394 Code : EIJMRS6032

13. Quality of work life (An empirical study of KNIT, Sultanpur)
Author(s)- Archana Pandey, Jha B.K pp 395- 407 Code : EIJMRS6033

14. How do insurer specific indicators and macroeconomic factors affect the profitability of insurance business? A panel data analysis on the Philippine Non-life Insurance market
Author(s)- Niño Datu pp 408- 416 Code : EIJMRS6034

15. Beyond the bond: Psychological contracts in Indian startups
Author(s)- Rajat Kumar Sharma et al pp 417- 428 Code : EIJMRS6035

16. Impact of foreign direct investment on Indian small retailers
Author(s)- Nupur Goel, Ashwani Mahajan pp 429- 438 Code : EIJMRS6036

17. Perceptions of West African monetary union (UEMOA) Consumers toward Islamic finance
Author(s)- Aboudou Maman Tachiwou pp 439- 448 Code : EIJMRS6037

18. The marriage between strategic human resource management and firm performance, the journey to everlasting love
Author(s)- Leap-Han Loo, Loo-See Beh pp 449- 462 Code : EIJMRS6038

Volume 6 Issue 3 2016 – February issue

Volume 6 Issue 4 2016 – May issue

Volume 7 Issue 1 2016 – August issue

Volume 7 Issue 2 2016 – November issue

Volume 7 Issue 3 2017 – February issue

Volume 7 Issue 4 2017 – May issue

Volume 8 Issue 12017 – August issue – Under updation