Higher Purpose – Spiritual Meaning

The quest for discovering one’s higher purpose is a deeply personal journey that is unique to each individual. On the one hand, there is the inherent human desire to live a life filled with meaning and purpose, while on the other hand, many of us are unaware of how to discover and realize our true potential.

There is a duality between the journey of self-discovery and the fundamental need to understand our greater purpose in life, and it is through embracing both of these forces that we can create a life that is truly meaningful and fulfilling.

What is Higher Purpose?

Your higher purpose is the essential spiritual mission of your soul, the driving force that governs your life and predates the physical form you occupy. Your higher purpose, found within your soul, has been predetermined and ultimately represents the ultimate goal of your existence.

By connecting to this higher mission, you can tap into the flow and rhythm of life, cultivating a deep sense of connection with the universal source.

Your higher purpose beckons you to rise up as an agent of transformation, enabling you to align your thoughts, emotions, and actions in accordance with a greater spiritual calling.

Our higher purpose exists within us, and connecting deeply with our innermost values, passions, and motivations is how we can truly align with our higher purpose. It is this connection that allows us to experience a profound sense of fulfillment and joy.

This higher purpose can be best understood when broken down into its three fundamental components: Self-Actualization, Spiritual Growth, and Self-Awareness.

When these three facets are in harmony, we have the opportunity to experience life with a greater level of consciousness and presence, which can ultimately lead us to fulfill our highest potential.

How to work towards my higher purpose?

Realizing one’s purpose requires the intentional application of motivations that translate into action. Intentions are the underlying determinants of our actions, motivating us to pursue either positive or negative outcomes.

Positive intentions focus on the pursuit of kindness, service, and excellence, resulting in actions that add value to the lives of others.

Alternatively, negative intentions like greed, lust, fear, and envy can drive individuals to act selfishly, spitefully, protectively, or in a detached manner. Ultimately, it is important to identify with the inner truth that drives our intentions in order to effectively bring our purpose to life.

Our intentions are energetic emanations that are constantly transmitted and received, whether we are aware of them or not. Therefore, it is essential that we practice awareness of our own intent before we take action, so as to ensure that our actions are aligned with our highest values and that we are not unknowingly allowing any unintentional “energy vampires” to sabotage our positive impact.

Even if we have the best of intentions, when our intentions come from a place of perfectionism or an overly controlling nature, the results can be damaging and lead to outcomes that differ drastically from our initial hopes and desires.

This can be seen in many contexts, particularly in parenting, where an individual’s hard-driving commitment to their child’s success can backfire if they spend too much time in a critical mode, potentially leading to a detrimental lack of self-confidence in the child.

By making the bold decision to challenge the established norms (status quo) and effect meaningful change, we assert our independence, taking responsibility for our lives and activities.

By humbly embracing this power to create our reality, we are able to seek out a higher purpose that aligns with our core values.

It is only through being honest with ourselves and speaking our truth that we can make a positive difference in the world, so it is important to practice integrity in our communication and keep our commitments as we strive to shape the future!

Self Inquiry about your Higher Purpose

Asking yourself these following questions can help you in setting your priorities clearly with regard to your higher goals and purpose.

  • Which pursuits provide me the most joy and satisfaction?
  • How can I know when I’m truly living?
  • Where do my strengths lie?
  • Where do I feel the most confident and what are the values I am most dedicated to?