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Volume 1 Number 1 2010

1.Performance Evaluation of Protective Coatings on Corrosion resistance in Transmission Line Tower foundations
Author(s)- R.Siva Chidambaram,G.S.Thirugnanam pp 1-14 Code : EIJAER1001

2. Experimental Studies on Viability of Using Geosynthetics as Fibers in Concrete
Author(s)- K.Rajeshkumar, N.Mahendran,R. Gobinath pp 15-27 Code : EIJAER1002

3. Investigation on Cold – formed C – section Long Column with Intermediate Stiffener & Corner Lips – Under Axial Compression
Author(s)- M. Meiyalagan M.Anbarasu, S.Sukumar pp 28-41 Code : EIJAER1003

4. Watershed Management for Asifabad and Wankadi Taluks, Adilabad District” – A Remote Sensing and GIS Approach
Author(s)- Yassir Arafat M.N. pp 42-48 Code : EIJAER1004

5. Experimental Study on behavior of Interior RC Beam Column Joints Subjected to Cyclic Loading
Author(s)- P.Rajaram, A.Murugesan, G.S.Thirugnanam pp 49-58 Code : EIJAER1005

6. Use of Remotesensing and Seismotectonic Parameters to Identify Seismogenic Sources of Tamil Nadu State
Author(s)- G.P.Ganapathy, R.Rajarathinam pp 59-76 Code : EIJAER1006

7. Disaster Resistant Rural House Design For Low Income People
Author(s)- K.Mahendran, A.Zahir Hussain pp 77-86 Code : EIJAER1007

8.Multipath Dynamic Source Routing with Cost and Ant Colony Optimization for MANETS
Author(s)- Sarala.P, Kalaiselvi.D pp 83-91 Code : EIJAER1008

9.Mobile Agent Based Routing Protocol with Security for MANET
Author(s)- Bindhu.R pp 92-102 Code : EIJAER1009

10.Design, Modelling and Manufacturing of Helical Gear
Author(s)- B.Venkatesh, V.Kamala, A.M.K.Prasad pp 103-114 Code : EIJAER1010

Volume 1 Number 2 2010

1. Integrated Routing and Query Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Author(s)-T.Krishnakumar pp 115-123 Code : EIJAER1011

2. Modeling and Analysis of Aluminum A360 Alloy Helical Gear for Marine Applications
Author(s)- Venkatesh.B, Kamala.V,Prasad.A.M.K pp 124-134 Code : EIJAER1012

3. Individual and societal risk analysis and mapping of human vulnerability to chemical accidents in the vicinity of an industrial area
Author(s)- Renjith.V.R, G.Madhu pp 135-148 Code : EIJAER1013

4. Implementation of Automated Library Management System in the School of Chemistry Bharathidasan University using Koha Open Source Software
Author(s)- Neelakandan.B, Duraisekar.S, Balasubramani.R, Srinivasa Ragavan.S
pp 149-167 Code : EIJAER1014

5. Use of Chinese Remainder Theorem to generate random numbers for cryptography
Author(s)-Saurabh Singh, Gaurav Agarwal pp 135-148 Code : EIJAER1015

6. A Compact Gate Tunnel Current Model for Nano Scale MOSFET with Sub-1nm Gate Oxide
Author(s)-Ashwani Kumar,Narottam Chand,Vinod Kapoor
pp 175-193 Code : EIJAER1016

7. Extrusion Characterizes of Al/Sic by different Manufacturing Process
Author(s)- V. Jayaseelan, K. Kalaichelvan, M. Kannan, S. Vijay Ananth
pp 194-199 Code : EIJAER1017

8.Use of image to secure text message with the help of LSB replacement
Author(s)- Saurabh Singh, Gaurav Agarwal
pp 200-205 Code : EIJAER1018

9. Studies on Di -Diesel Engine Fueled With Rice Bran Methyl Ester Injection and Ethanol Carburetion
Author(s)- Rambabu Kantipudi pp 206-221 Code : EIJAER1019

10. Synthesis and structural investigations of coordination compounds of palladium (II) with 5- methyl uracil
Author(s)- Anshu Srivastava, Gupta.D.C pp 222-227 Code : EIJAER1020

11.Comparison among different CMOS inverter for Low leakage at different Technologies
Author(s)- Vijay Kumar Sharma, Surender Soni pp 228-233 Code : EIJAER1021

12. Design and Simulation of Phase Locked Loop Controller Based Three- Phase Unified Power Quality Conditioner for Non-linear and Voltage Sensitive Loads
Author(s)- JenoPaul, Ruban Deva Prakash, Jacob Raglend
pp 234-243 Code : EIJAER1022

13. Micro Mechanical Measurement of Concrete Strain to Evaluate Principle Strain Distribution in Steel Fiber Reinforced Cement Concrete Moderate Deep Beams across it’s width and depths
Author(s)- Vinu R. Patel , I. I. Pandya pp 244-252 Code : EIJAER1023

14. Estimating the Solar Photovoltaic generation potential and possible plant capacity in Patiala
Author(s)-Souvik Ganguli, Jasvir Singh pp 253-260 Code : EIJAER1024

15. Carbon Dioxide as Natural Refrigerant
Author(s)- Padalkar A. S., Kadam A. D.pp 261-272 Code : EIJAER1025

16. Clustering Algorithms for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network: A Survey
Author(s)- Vivek Katiyar, Narottam Chand, Surender Soni
pp 273-287 Code : EIJAER1026

Volume 1 Number 3 2010

1. Effect of Compression ratio, Injection Timing and Injection Pressure on a DI Diesel engine for better performance and emission fueled with diesel -diesel biodiesel blends
Author(s)- Venkatraman.M, Devaradjane.G pp 288-298 Code : EIJAER2001

2. Fixed Points Theorem in Fuzzy metric space for weakly compatible maps satisfying integral type inequality
Author(s)- Manish Kumar Mishra, Priyanka Sharma, Ojha D.B
pp 315-323 Code : EIJAER2003

3. Common fixed point theorem for n-metric spaces
Author(s)- Deo Brat Ojha pp 324- 329 Code : EIJAER2004

4. Recent Advances and future trends in Wireless Sensor Networks
Author(s)- Vivek Katiyar,Narottam Chand,Naveen Chauhan
pp 330-342 Code : EIJAER2005

5. Artificial Neural Network based Hydro Electric Generation Modelling
Author(s)- Deepika Yadav,Naresh.R,Veena Sharma pp 343-359 Code : EIJAER2006

6. Energy Efficient Cooperative Caching in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Author(s)- Naveen Chauhan et.al., pp 360-371 Code : EIJAER2007

7. Low Power CMOS Inverter design at different Technologies
Author(s)- Vijay Kumar Sharma, Surender Soni pp 372-382 Code : EIJAER2008

8. All – Optical Half Adder Design Using Equations Governing XGM and FWM Effect in Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
Author(s) – V. K. Srivastava, V. Priye pp 396- 403 Code : EIJAER2010

9. Simulation of Wetted Surface Area of a Single Seater Home Based Aircraft
Author(s)- Venkatesan.M pp 404- 415 Code : EIJAER2011

10. Performance Evaluation of Low Heat Rejection Diesel Engine with Pure Diesel
Author(s) – Murthy P.V.K et.al., pp 428- 451 Code : EIJAER2013

11. Drag reduction by polymer additives in gravity driven flow
Author(s )- Ch.V. Subbarao et.al., pp 452- 468 Code : EIJAER2014

12. Application of Simulation Technique in Queuing Model for ATM Facility
Author(s )- Vasumathi.A, Dhanavanthan P pp 469- 482 Code : EIJAER2015

13. Finite Element Analysis of resistance spot welding to study nugget formation
Author(s )- Thakur.A.G,Rasane.A.R,Nandedkar.V.M pp 483- 490 Code : EIJAER2016

14. On A Class of Generalised Convex Functions with Some Applications
Author(s )- Rajani B. Dash et.al., pp 491- 499 Code : EIJAER2017

15. Design and Finite Element Analysis of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine blade
Author(s )- Nitin Tenguria et.al., pp 500- 507 Code : EIJAER2018

16. CFD Modeling and Experimental Validation of Combustion in Direct Ignition Engine Fueled with Diesel
Author(s )- Umakant V. Kongre, Vivek K. Sunnapwar pp 508- 517 Code : EIJAER2019

17. Influence of Welding Speed on Tensile Strength of Welded Joint in TIG Welding Process
Author(s )- Ahmed Khalid Hussain et al., pp 518- 527 Code : EIJAER2020

18. Analysis of statistical feature extraction for Iris Recognition System using Laplacian of Gaussian filter
Author(s )- Bhawna Chouhan, Shailia Shukla pp 528- 535 Code : EIJAER2021

19. Lossless Medical Image Security
Author(s )- Shrikhande Rohini, Vinayak Bairagi pp 536- 541 Code : EIJAER2022

20. Tensile behavior of 6063/Al2o3 particulate metal matrix composites fabricated by investment casting process
Author(s )- Chennakesava Reddy, Essa Zitoun pp 542- 552 Code : EIJAER2023

21. Performance analysis of cryogenically treated carbide drills in drilling white cast iron
Author(s )- Ramji.B.R et al., pp 553- 560 Code : EIJAER2024

22. Effect of surface radiation on Conjugate Convection from an electronic board with multiple embedded discrete heat sources
Author(s )- Gururaja Rao.C, Narasimha Suri.T pp 561- 573 Code : EIJAER2025

23. Wind Analysis of Microwave Antenna Towers
Author(s )- Siddesha.H pp 574- 584 Code : EIJAER2026

24. Investigation of Solar Photovoltaic Simulation Softwares
Author(s )- Mahendra Lalwani, Mool Singh pp 585- 601 Code : EIJAER2027

25. CFD analysis of 2D unsteady flow around a square cylinder
Author(s )- Gera.B, Pavan K. Sharma, Singh R.K pp 602- 610 Code : EIJAER2028

26. Design of Virtual Instrumentation for Density Measurement
Author(s )- Rajagopalan et al., pp 611- 614 Code : EIJAER2029

27. Application of Multi-Objective Mathematical Linear Programming Model for Supply Chain Management in a Fussy Environment
Author(s )- Babatunde B.O pp 615- 633 Code : EIJAER2030

28. Experimental investigation of unbalance response of geared shaft rotor system
Author(s )- Seshendra Kumar, SundaraSiva Rao pp 634- 648 Code : EIJAER2031

Volume 1 Number 4 2011

1. Numerical modal analysis of Howell-Bunger valve using FEM method
Author(s)- Farid Vakili-Tahami et. al., pp 649- 660 Code : EIJAER2032

2. Cascaded Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter based active power filter for Harmonics and Reactive power compensation
Author(s)- Karuppanan P et. al., pp 661- 674 Code : EIJAER2033

3. Effect of Cow dung cakes inside basin on heat transfer coefficients and productivity of single basin single slope solar still
Author(s)- Hitesh N Panchal P et. al., pp 675- 690 Code : EIJAER2034

4. A Comparative Study of Time Synchronization Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks
Author(s)- Gopal Chand Gautam pp 691- 705 Code : EIJAER2035

5. Generalization of 4×4 Magic Square
Author(s)- Deo Brat Ojha, Kaul.B.L pp 706- 714 Code : EIJAER2036

6. Solidification behavior and detection of Hotspots in Aluminium Alloy castings: Computer Aided Analysis and experimental validation
Author(s)- Rabindra Behera et.al., pp 715- 726 Code : EIJAER2037

7. Design studies of a square ring shaped force sensor
Author(s)- Madhuban Prasad pp 727- 733 Code : EIJAER2038

8. Using the FMEA method to Optimize fuel consumption in Tillage by Moldboard Plow
Author(s)- Namdari M., Rafiee Sh., Jafari A pp 734- 742 Code : EIJAER2039

9. Application of MOORA method for parametric optimization of milling process
Author(s)- Gadakh. V. S. pp 743- 758 Code : EIJAER2040

10. Econometric modeling and sensitivity analysis of costs of inputs for sunflower production in Iran
Author(s)- S. H. Mousavi-Avval et.al., pp 759- 766 Code : EIJAER2041

11. Congestion management in restructured power systems by FACTS devices and load shedding using extended Quadratic interior point method
Author(s)-Elango.K, Paranjothi.S.R. pp 767- 776 Code : EIJAER2042

12. The effect of roller burnishing on surface hardness and surface roughness on mild steel specimens
Author(s)- Malleswara Rao J. N et.al., pp 777- 785 Code : EIJAER2043

13. Effect of injection pressure on emission and performance characteristics of Karanja biodiesel and its blends in C.I. Engine
Author(s)- Nagarhalli.M.V , Nandedkar.V.M pp 786- 792 Code : EIJAER2044

14. Mechanical characterization of Aluminium silicon carbide composite
Author(s)- Neelima Devi. C et.al., pp 793- 799 Code : EIJAER2045

15. Performance evaluation of two stage indirect/direct evaporative cooler with alternative shapes and cooling media in direct stage
Author(s)- Kulkarni.R.K, Rajput S.P.S pp 800- 812 Code : EIJAER2046

16. Performance and emission characteristics of Jatropa biodiesel in dual fuel mode with CNG in a single cylinder four stroke diesel engine
Author(s)- Venkatesan.M pp 813- 823 Code : EIJAER2047

17.Indiscernibility based cluster analysis
Author(s)- Pragati Jain, Manisha Jain pp 824- 829 Code : EIJAER2048

18. Common fixed point theorem for R-weakly commutativity of type (Ag) satisfying general contractive type condition
Author(s) – Anju Rani et.al, pp 830- 839 Code : EIJAER2049

19. Measure of a subgroup of a finite topological group divides the measure of the group
Author(s) -Md.Nizam, Ahmed Waheedulla pp 840- 843 Code : EIJAER2050

20. Review of automated diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy using the support vector machine
Author(s) – Priya.R , Aruna.P pp 844- 863 Code : EIJAER2051

21. Dynamic and thermal analysis of high speed motorized spindle
Author(s) – Syath Abuthakeer S et.al., pp 864- 882 Code : EIJAER2052

22. Adapitive PLL controller based shunt active filter for power quality improvement in Matrix converter
Author(s) – JenoPaul P et.al., pp 883- 898 Code : EIJAER2053

23. Drag Reduction by Different Solutions of Polymers in Gravity Driven Flow
Author(s) – Gopal Singh. P.V et.al., pp 899- 907 Code : EIJAER2054

24. The general problem of thermoelastic wave propagation in multilayered anisotropic media with application to periodic media
Author(s) -Verma.K.L pp 908- 922 Code : EIJAER2055

25. Effect of Thickness Ratio on Nonlinear Static behaviour of Skew Bidirectional FRP Laminates with Circular Cutout
Author(s) – Sridhara Raju. V.V et.al., pp 923- 932 Code : EIJAER2056

26. Some common fixed point theorems for occasionally weakly compatible mappings in Fuzzy metric spaces
Author(s) – Malhotra S.K et.al., pp 933- 941 Code : EIJAER2057

27. Comparative study on Steel fibre reinforced Cum control concrete under flexural and deflection
Author(s) – Shende.A.M., Pande.A.M. pp 942- 950 Code : EIJAER2058

28. Size optimization of stand-alone photovoltaic system under local weather conditions in India
Author(s) -Mahendra Lalwani,Kothari.D.P,Mool Singh pp 942- 950 Code : EIJAER2059

29. Fracture analysis of adhesively bonded single lap joint with four layered [+θ/-θ] s adherents
Author(s) -Bala Krishna Murthy.V et.al., pp 951- 960 Code : EIJAER2060

30. Effect of H2S Concentration on the reaction furnace temperature and sulphur recovery
Author(s) -Asadi. S et.al., pp 961- 972 Code : EIJAER2061

31. Dry sliding behavior of Thermal Sprayed ferrous coatings on Aluminium alloy
Author(s) – Kirpal Ravi, Batra N.K, Kumar Sunil pp 973- 983 Code : EIJAER2062

Volume 2 Number 1 2011

1. Current control strategy for BLDC drive in satellite ground station
Author(s)- Sujaya .K et. al., pp 1- 9 Code : EIJAER2201

2. Interlaminar failure analysis of FRP cross-ply laminate with elliptical cutout
Author(s)- Venkateswara Rao.S et. al., pp 10- 21 Code : EIJAER2202

3. An experimental study on the effect of increased pressure on MIG welding arc
Author(s)- Abbasi. K, Alam. S, Khan. M.I pp 22- 27 Code : EIJAER2203

4. Shunt versus Series compensation in the improvement of Power system performance
Author(s)- Irinjila Kranti Kiran, Jaya Laxmi.A pp 28- 37 Code : EIJAER2204

5. Modeling, Optimization and Simulation of input parameters for optimum specific fuel (energy) consumption of LDO fired Rotary furnace
Author(s)- Jain.R.K pp 38- 51 Code : EIJAER2205

6. FPGA implementation of a fuzzy logic based handoff controller for microcellular mobile networks
Author(s)- Dayal C.Sati,Pardeep Kumar, Yogesh Misra pp 52- 62 Code : EIJAER2206

7. Implementation of Radio Technique in Interstellar Radiation Field for Locating Distant Stars
Author(s)- Bhattacharya.A.B et al., pp 63- 69 Code : EIJAER2207

8. Studies on Water Hammer Forming on Sheet Metal Works
Author(s)- Lingaraju. D et al., pp 70- 77 Code : EIJAER2208

9. Manufacture of soft-plywood and hard-plywood from Acacia Nilotica Plant extract and powder of agricultural waste or wood
Author(s)- Gaddamwar A.G, Rajput P.R, Jirapure S.C. pp 78- 84 Code : EIJAER2209

10. A review on the design of MIMO antennas for upcoming 4G communications
Author(s)- Jagadeesh Babu. K et al., pp 85- 93 Code : EIJAER2210

11. Design considerations of arrays as a viewing instrument of radio telescopes
Author(s)- Raha. B et al., pp 94- 103 Code : EIJAER2211

12. Experimental and Numerical comparison between the performance of Helical cone coils and ordinary helical coils used as dehumidifier for humidification dehumidification in desalination units
Author(s)- Abo Elazm. et al., pp 104- 114 Code : EIJAER2212

13. Modeling and simulation of continuous Catalytic Regeneration (CCR) Process
Author(s)- Majid Sa’idi et al., pp 115- 124 Code : EIJAER2213

14. Development of software to transform graphically the stress at a point inside a cube in three dimensional directions
Author(s)- Md. Rashadul Islam, M. R.K. Bhuyan pp 125- 134 Code : EIJAER2214

15. Conductivity study of PEO complexed with Mg2+ borate glass polymer electrolyte – its application as electrochemical cell
Author(s)- Jaipal Reddy. M et al., pp 147- 156 Code : EIJAER2216

16. Effect on tensile strength of composite with reduced quantity of binder at elevated process temperature: A study on Mosquito Repellant coil (Composite) with elevated process temperature of Guar Gum (binder)
Author(s)- Rabi Shankar Mukherjee pp 157- 162 Code : EIJAER2217

17. Application of statistical techniques in market research: A sample survey
Author(s)- Pratiksha Saxena pp 163- 171 Code : EIJAER2218

18. A survey of literature of conceptual frameworks assessing supply chain flexibility
Author(s)- Doordarshi Singh et al., pp 172- 182 Code : EIJAER2219

19. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) of Canteen using USA Principle: A case study
Author(s)- Gadakh. V. S, Mawale. M. B pp 183- 189 Code : EIJAER2221

20. A Novel Approach to Energy Efficient Fault Tolerant Time Synchronization Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
Author(s)- Gopal Chand Gautam, Sharma. T.P pp 190- 204 Code : EIJAER2222

21. Performance of copper coated two stroke spark ignition engine with Gasohol with Catalytic converter with different catalysts
Author(s)- Narasimha Kumar.S et al., pp 205- 218 Code : EIJAER2223

22. TQM for manufacturing excellence: Factors critical to success
Author(s)- Singla Nitin et al., pp 219- 233 Code : EIJAER2224

23. Current-Mode PWM generator based on Active Inductor
Author(s)-Saberkari Alireza et al., pp 234- 243 Code : EIJAER2225

24. Flow Shop Scheduling using Simulated Annealing: A Review
Author(s)- Hooda N, Dhingra A. K pp 234- 249 Code : EIJAER2226

25. Numerical analysis of a corrugated metal pipe: A case study
Author(s)- Md Rashadul Islam, M. A. Al-Masud pp 250- 258 Code : EIJAER2227

26. Study on important factors of quay walls deformation under seismic loading
Author(s)- Hesam Sharifian et al., pp 259- 265 Code : EIJAER2228

27. Studies on Hardness of Polymer Hybrid-Silica/NRHA Nanocomposites by Burnishing Process
Author(s)- Murali Krishna. P et al., pp 266- 272 Code : EIJAER2229

28. Power Fluctuations – usage of servo voltage stabilizers in industries
Author(s)- Sudha Venkatesh, Krishnaveni Muthiah pp 283- 289 Code : EIJAER2231

Volume 2 Number 2 2011

1. Effects of seismic isolation in the reduction of the seismic response of the structure
Author(s)- Athamnia Brahim, Ounis Abdelhafid pp 290- 295 Code : EIJAER2232

2. Generalizations of locally b- closed sets
Author(s)- Bharathi.S pp 296- 301 Code : EIJAER2233

3. Study of Efficient Cargo Area Grocery Refrigeration System in car by using alternate refrigerant R-12 and R-134a
Author(s)- Jadhav P.L pp 302- 311 Code : EIJAER2234

4. Analysis of free vibrations of VISCO elastic square plate of variable thickness with temperature effect
Author(s)- Anupam Khanna, Ashish K.Sharma pp 312- 317 Code : EIJAER2235

5. Energy Saving in Irrigation Piping System using (UAN-32) Fertilizer as a Drag Reducing Agent
Author(s)- Abo Elazm.M.M et.al., pp 318- 331 Code : EIJAER2236

6. Analysis of Axially Vibrating Variable Cross-Section Isotropic Rod Using DTM
Author(s)- Mohammad Rafiee, Amir Moradi pp 332- 342 Code : EIJAER2237

7. Enhancement of Impact resistance property of Nylon6 by the addition of Casio3 as a filler material
Author(s)- Mithun V Kulkarni pp 343- 349 Code : EIJAER2238

8. Solidification behavior of stir- cast Al alloy metal matrix composites
Author(s)- Sourav Kayal pp 350- 359 Code : EIJAER2239

9. Wind energy potential at East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia
Author(s)- Wan Nik WB et.al., pp 360- 366 Code : EIJAER2240

10. Ground water chemistry: A case study of eastern part of Sikar city (Rajasthan), India
Author(s)- Radhey Shyam, Kalwania.G.S pp 367- 378 Code : EIJAER2241

11. Comparison of Right-of-way in Mountainous and Valley Forest Roads
Author(s)- Mehran Nasiri pp 379- 389 Code : EIJAER2242

12. Thermal Convection in Walters’ (Model B’) Rotating Fluid Permeated With Suspended Particles and Variable Gravity Field in Porous Medium in Hydromagnetics
Author(s)- Sharma V, Rana G.C pp 390- 405 Code : EIJAER2243

13. Assessing the deterioration behaviour of mild steel in 2 M sulphuric acid usingBambusa glauscescens
Author(s)- Olugbenga A. Omotosho et al., pp 406- 418 Code : EIJAER2244

14. Study of chemical, optical and structural properties of 120 MeV Ni11+ ions beam irradiated poly (ethylene terephthalate) film
Author(s)- Vijay Kumar et al., pp 419- 430 Code : EIJAER2245

15. Fuzzy model of thermistor
Author(s)- Dongale.T.D et al., pp 431- 438 Code : EIJAER2246

16. Experimental investigations and multi-objective optimization of friction drilling process on AISI 1015
Author(s)- Pantawane. P.D, Ahuja. B.B pp 448- 461 Code : EIJAER2248

17. A new codebook design schema for VQ-based Monaural Speech-Music Segregation
Author(s)- Seyed-Hossein Alavinia, Farbod Razzazi pp 462- 471 Code : EIJAER2249

18. Production of endoglucanase by optimizing the environmental conditions of Bacillus circulans on submerged fermentation
Author(s)- Nirmala. P, Sindhu.A pp 472- 481 Code : EIJAER2250

19. Design and implementation of multipath routing approach for secured and reliable data delivery in VoIP
Author(s)- Maheswari. K, Punithavalli.M pp 482- 494 Code : EIJAER2251

20. Room Temperature Ferromagnetism of Ni Implanted SnO2 Nanopowders
Author(s)- Vadivel. K, Arivazhagan.V, Rajesh.S pp 495- 501 Code : EIJAER2252

21. Dry sliding friction and wear behavior of Aluminum/Beryl composites
Author(s)- Reddappa H.N et al., pp 502- 511 Code : EIJAER2253

22. Congestion management in restructured power systems by FACTS devices and load shedding using Extended Quadratic Interior point method
Author(s)- Elango.K, Paranjothi.S.R. pp 512- 521 Code : EIJAER2254

23. Designing and developing secure protocol for mobile voting
Author(s)- Abhishek Kumar,Ashok Kumar Srivastava pp 522- 533 Code : EIJAER2255

24. Computational structure prediction, virtual screening, pharmacokinetic profiling and molecular interaction studies on Na+ and Ca2+ ion channel blockers of Phoneutria toxins(PhTxs) from Phoneutria nigreventer
Author(s)- Barani Kumar.R, Xavier Suresh.M pp 534- 548 Code : EIJAER2256

25. Compact dual frequency patch antenna for S-band wireless applications
Author(s)- Ambresh.P.A, Hadalgi.P.M pp 549- 553 Code : EIJAER2257

26. Experimental investigation on a biomass briquette based throatless downdraft gasifier
Author(s)- Rajiv Varshney,Bhagoria.J.L, Mehta.C.R pp 554- 561 Code : EIJAER2258

27. Transient analysis of composite laminated plates using Higher-order shear deformation theory with Zig-Zag Function
Author(s)- Dharma Raju.T, Suresh Kumar.J pp 562- 569 Code : EIJAER2259

28. Development of Web-GIS based College Information System
Author(s)- Giridhar M.V.S.S et al., pp 570- 577 Code : EIJAER2260

29. Application of data envelopment analysis (DEA) to improve cost efficiency of barley
Author(s)- Hassan Ghasemi Mobtaker pp 578- 589 Code : EIJAER2261

30. Some computations on the Drake equation to encapsulate the probable number of broadcasting civilizations
Author(s)- Bhattacharya A.B. et al., pp 590- 594 Code : EIJAER2262