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Volume 1

Volume 1 Number 1 2010 August issue

1. Emergency Response Management and Information System (ERMIS) – A GIS based software to resolve the emergency recovery challenges in Madurai city, Tamil Nadu – B.Ganeshkumar, D.Ramesh
pp 1-13 Code : EIJGGS1001

2. Flood Early Warning System Develop at Garang River Semarang using Information Technology base on SMS and Web – Joko Windarto
pp 14-28 Code : EIJGGS1002

3. Need and Urgency of Landslide Risk Planning for Nilgiri District,
Tamil Nadu State, India- G.P.Ganapathy , K.Mahendran S.K Sekar
pp 29-40 Code :EIJGGS1003

4. Digital Elevation Model Generation And Its Application In Landslide Studies Using Cartosat-1- S.Suganthi , K.Srinivasan
pp 41-50 Code: EIJGGS1004

5. Identification of Accident Hot Spots: A GIS Based Implementation for Kannur District, Kerala- Deepthi Jayan.K , B.Ganeshkumar
pp 49-58 Code : EIJGGS1005

6. Remote Sensing and GIS Application in Change Detection Study In Urban Zone Using Multi Temporal Satellite- R.Manonmani, G.Mary Divya Suganya
pp 60-65 Code : EIJGGS1006

7. An Integrated Approach with GIS and Remote Sensing Technique for
Landslide Hazard Zonation- S.Evany Nithya P. Rajesh Prasanna
pp 66-75 Code : EIJGGS1007

8. Delineation of Areas for Water Conservation in Peruvamba River basin, Kannur district, Kerala, Using Remote Sensing and GIS.
Sampad Kumar Panda, B. Sukumar
pp 76-83 Code : EIJGGS1008

9. Application of Remote Sensing and GIS for Artificial Recharge Zone in Sivaganga District, Tamilnadu, India- Balachandar.D, Alaguraja.P, Sundaraj.P , Rutharvelmurthy.K , Kumaraswamy.k
pp 84-97 Code : EIJGGS1009

10. A study on Remote Sensing on Coastal Geomorphological Landforms From Coleroon River Mouth to Cuddalore South Arcot, Tamil Nadu, India- Pandiaraj.D, Karikalan.R , Alaguraja.P , Jeyaraj.N , Roger.D.C, and Giriprasad.C
pp 98-105 Code : EIJGGS1010

Volume 1 Number 2 2010 November issue

1. Spatial Analysis of Rainfall Variation in Coimbatore District Tamilnadu using GIS
Author(s)- Ishappa Muniyappa Rathod , Aruchamy.S
pp 106-118 Code : EIJGGS1011

2. Impacts of Climate, Topograpy and Weathearing profile on Hydrogeology and Water Resources Assesment in Semi-Arid Terrain. Using Earth Observation -1 ALI, ASTER-DEM and GIS techniques
Author(s)- G. Balamurugan, Dr. S. Rajendran, V.Tirukumaran
pp 119-131 Code : EIJGGS1012

3. Spatio-Temporal Change Analysis of Forest Density in Doodhganga Forest Range, Jammu & Kashmir
Author(s)- Majid Farooq, Humayun Rashid
pp 132-140 Code : EIJGGS1013

4. Identification of Urban Sprawl Pattern for Madurai Region Using GIS
Author(s)- Saravanan.P, Ilangovan.P
pp 141-149 Code : EIJGGS1014

5. Land use and land cover change detection through remote sensing approach: A case study of Kodaikanal taluk, Tamil nadu
Author(s)- Prakasam.C
pp 150-158 Code : EIJGGS1015

6. Remote Sensing and GIS Applications on Change Detection Study in Coastal Zone Using Multi Temporal Satellite Data
Author(s)- Prabaharan.S,Srinivasa Raju.K, Lakshumanan.C,Ramalingam.M.
pp 159-166 Code : EIJGGS1016

7.Estimation of above ground biomass in Indian tropical forested area using multi-frequency DLR-ESAR data
Author(s)- Vyjayanthi Nizalapur, Chandra Sekhar Jha and Rangaswamy Madugundu
pp 167-178 Code : EIJGGS1017

8.Morphometric Analysis of Gostani River Basin in Andhra Pradesh State, India Using Spatial Information Technology
Author(s)- Nageswara Rao.K,Swarna Latha.P , Arun Kumar.P ,Hari Krishna.M
pp 179-187 Code : EIJGGS1018

9.Study on Hyperspectral Signatures for Magnetite Iron ore in Thattayengerpet region of Trichirappalli district in Tamil Nadu State, India.
Author(s)- Raja.S, Rajendran.S, Poovalinga Ganesh.B, Thirunavukkarasu.A
pp 188-196 Code : EIJGGS1019

10.Suitable site determination for urban solid waste disposal using GIS and Remote sensing techniques in Kottayam Municipality, India.
Author(s)- Nishanth.T, Prakash M.N, Vijith.H
pp 197-210 Code : EIJGGS1020

11.Evolution of Vaigai Delta, Tamilnadu, India (East Coast) During Quaternary
Author(s)- Prabakaran.K, Anbarasu.K
pp 211-222 Code : EIJGGS1021

12.Tribal Area Development Planning of Chintapalli Block, Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh, India: Using GIS and Remote Sensing Approach
Author(s)- Prakasam. C , Kartic Kumar , Sunam Chatterjee
pp 223-232 Code : EIJGGS1022

13. Light Minerals, XRD and SEM Studies in the depositional environments between Tuticorin and Thiruchendur, South East Coast of India, Tamil Nadu
Author(s)- Suresh Gandhi.M, Solai.A, Chandrasekar.N
pp 233-251 Code : EIJGGS1023

14. A Semi – Distributed Water Balance Model for Amaravathi River Basin using Remote Sensing and GIS
Author(s)- Jenifa Latha.C, Saravanan.S, Palanichamy.K
pp 252-263 Code : EIJGGS1024

15. Spatio – Temporal Analysis of Land Use in Fringe Area using GIS – a Case Study of Madurai City, Tamil Nadu
Author(s)- Manonmani I.K. pp 264-270 Code : EIJGGS1025

Volume 1 Number 3 2010 February issue

1. Geomatics Based Assessment on Land use Changes and its Impact over the Groundwater Conditions in a newly developing sub urban area –A Case of Southern Chennai
Author(s)- Jaganathan.R, Chelvaraajhan .K, Mahalingam S
pp 271-281 Code : EIJGGS2001

2. GIS based Groundwater Quality Mapping in Paravanar River
Sub- Basin, Tamil Nadu, India
Author(s)- Shankar.K, Aravindan.S, Rajendran.S pp 282-296 Code : EIJGGS2002

3. Monitoring & analysis of wastelands and its dynamics using multi-resolution and temporal satellite data in part of Indian state of Bihar
Author(s)- Nathawat M.S et. al., pp 297-307 Code : EIJGGS2003

4. Digital and Visual Analyses of IRS Satellite Data for Zonation and change deduction of coral reefs in Gulf of Mannar marine biosphere reserve
Author(s)- Thanikachalam.M pp 308- 326 Code : EIJGGS2004

5. High Resolution data processing for Spatial Image Data Mining
Author(s)- Md Ateeq Ur Rahman, Shaik Rusthum pp 327- 342 Code : EIJGGS2005

6. A GIS and frequency ratio based landslide susceptibility mapping: Aghnashini river catchment, Uttara Kannada, India
Author(s)- Avinash K.G, Ashamanjari K.G pp 343- 354 Code : EIJGGS2006

7. Petrographic and geochemical characterization of cryogenian mafic dykes of the Iguerda-Taïfast inlier (Central Anti-Atlas, Morocco)
Author(s)- El Aouli.E, Ikenne.M, Amaouain.H pp 355- 371 Code : EIJGGS2007

8. Geospatial Modeling of Wine Grape Quality Indicators (Anthocyanin) for Development of Differential Wine Grape Harvesting Technology
Author(s)- Balaji Sethuramasamyraja et.al., pp 372- 385 Code : EIJGGS2008

9. Potential and Constraints of Geospatial Data for Precise Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change at Landscape Level
Author(s)- Shakil Ahmad Romshoo, Irfan Rashid pp 386- 405 Code : EIJGGS2009

10. Net Primary Productivity Estimation of Eastern Ghats using Multispectral MODIS Data
Author(s)- Nethaji Mariappan pp 406- 413 Code : EIJGGS2010

11. GIS, Cadastre and Sustainable Development
Author(s)- KamyarHasanzadeh pp 414- 425 Code : EIJGGS2011

12.Geologic hazards research and their inducing factors in Xianyang urban area, Northwest China
Author(s)- Wu Jianhua, Xi Wenjuan pp 426- 435 Code : EIJGGS2012

13. Shoreline change and sea level rise along coast of Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary, Orissa: An analytical approach of remote sensing and statistical techniques
Author(s)- Pritam Chand, Prasenjit Acharya pp 436- 455 Code : EIJGGS2013

14. Integrated analysis of Geophysical Data of Ponnaiyar river basin using Arcview GIS Software
Author(s)- Ruby .D et.al., pp 456- 465 Code : EIJGGS2014

15. Estimation of Rainfall-Runoff using Remote Sensing and GIS in and around Singtam, East Sikkim
Author(s)- Ratika Pradhan et.al., pp 466- 476 Code : EIJGGS2015

16. Effect of Geomagnetic Storms in the Equatorial Anomaly Region observed from ground based data
Author(s)- Shweta Mukherjee et.al., pp 477- 488 Code : EIJGGS2016

17. Flood Hazard Mapping by Integrated GIS – SCS Model
Author(s)-Bhankaurally Mustapha Yahya et.al., pp 489- 500 Code : EIJGGS2017

18. Morphometric analysis and prioritization of sub-watersheds using GIS and Remote Sensing techniques: a case study of Odisha, India
Author(s)-Sangita Mishra.S, Nagarajan.R pp 501- 510 Code : EIJGGS2018

19. Erosion susceptibility zoning and prioritization of mini-watersheds using Geomatics approach
Author(s)-Sunil Londhe,Nathawat.M.S, Subudhi.A.P pp 511- 528 Code : EIJGGS2019

20. A deterministic seismic hazard analysis for the major cultural heritage sites in Tamilnadu, India
Author(s) – Ganapathy.G.P pp 529- 543 Code : EIJGGS2020

21. Evaluation of Groundwater Potentials in parts of the escarpment areas of southeastern, Nigeria
Author(s) – Okoro E.I et al., pp 544- 551 Code : EIJGGS2021

22. Textural characteristics and organic matter distribution patterns in Tirumalairajanar river Estuary, Tamilnadu, East Coast of India
Author(s) – Venkatramanan.S et al., pp 552- 562 Code : EIJGGS2022

23. Mapping of Landuse/Landcover Changes of Chennai Coast and Issues related to Coastal Environment Using Remote Sensing and GIS
Author(s) – Santhiya.G et al., pp 563- 576 Code : EIJGGS2023

24. Cropland information system in Mongolia using Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System: Case study in Tsagaannuur, Selenge aimag
Author(s) – Erdenee.B et al., pp 577- 586 Code : EIJGGS2024

25. Integrated approach using RS and GIS techniques for mapping of ground water prospects in Lower Sanjai Watershed, Jharkhand
Author(s) – Binay Kumar, Uday Kumar pp 587- 598 Code : EIJGGS2025

26. An assessment of surface water chemistry of Perumal Lake, Cuddalore District, Tamilnadu, India
Author(s) – Vijayakumar V et al., pp 599- 609 Code : EIJGGS2026

27. Land Use and Land Cover Changes Detection Using Multitemporal Satellite Data, Cuddalore Coastal Zone, Se-Coast of India
Author(s) – Muthusamy.S et al., pp 610- 619 Code : EIJGGS2027

28. Coastal vulnerability, adaptation and risk assessment due to environmental change in Apodi-Mossoro estuary, Northeast Brazil
Author(s) – Mukesh Singh Boori pp 620- 638 Code : EIJGGS2028

29. Delineation of potential zones for artificial recharge using GIS in Theni district, Tamilnadu, India
Author(s) – Sukumar.S, Sankar.K pp 639- 648 Code : EIJGGS2029

30. Web based coastal GIS for southern coastal Tamilnadu by using ArcIMS server technology
Author(s) – Sheik Mujabar. P, Chandrasekar. N pp 649- 661 Code : EIJGGS2030

Volume 1 Number 4 2011 May issue

1. Solar Eclipses and Ionospheric Effects: Some Historical Perspectives
Author(s)- Azad A. Mansoori et.al., pp 662- 668 Code : EIJGGS2031

2. Scientific efforts in the direction of successful Earthquake Prediction
Author(s)- Parvaiz A. Khan et.al., pp 669- 677 Code : EIJGGS2032

3. Climate Change accelerating hydrological hazards and risks in Himalaya: A case study through remote sensing and GIS modeling
Author(s)- Pradeep K. Rawat et.al., pp 678- 699 Code : EIJGGS2033

4. A study on the Land use pattern change along the coastal region of Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu
Author(s)- Arunachalam S et.al., pp 700- 720 Code : EIJGGS2034

5. Morphometric analysis of Nanjangud taluk, Mysore District, Karnataka, India, using GIS Techniques
Author(s)- Mahadevaswamy.G et.al., pp 721- 734 Code : EIJGGS2035

6. Groundwater pollution sensitivity model for part of Cauvery basin between Mettur dam and Erode town using Remote Sensing and GIS
Author(s)- Ravikumar.M et.al., pp 735- 757 Code : EIJGGS2036

7. Morphometric analysis of Gundal watershed, Gundlupet taluk, Chamarajanagar district, Karnataka, India
Author(s)- Lakshmamma et.al., pp 758- 775 Code : EIJGGS2037

8. A review on biomass estimation methods using synthetic aperture radar data
Author(s)-Nafiseh Ghasemi et.al., pp 776- 788 Code : EIJGGS2038

9. Micro watershed characterization and prioritization using Geomatics technology for natural resources management
Author(s)- Binay Kumar, Uday Kumar pp 789- 802 Code : EIJGGS2039

10. Accuracy and relevance of Digital Elevation Models for Geomatics applications – A case study of Makkah Municipality, Saudi Arabia
Author(s)- Mirza.M et.al., pp 803- 812 Code : EIJGGS2040

11. Stream dynamics change analysis of River Chambal using Remote Sensing and GIS techniques
Author(s)- Suryavanshi Shakti et.al., pp 813- 820 Code : EIJGGS2041

12. Detection of seafloor channels using Bathymetry data in Geographical Information Systems
Author(s)- Kundu.S.N, Pattnaik.D.S pp 821- 827 Code : EIJGGS2042

13. Time sequential surface change analysis of Talcher-Angul region of Orissa using Remote Sensing and GIS
Author(s)- Shweta Panwar et.al., pp 828- 838 Code : EIJGGS2043

14. Land use and Land cover change detection through Remote Sensing & GIS Technology: Case study of Pathankot and Dhar Kalan Tehsils, Punjab
Author(s)- Prabhbir Singh, Kamlesh Khanduri pp 839- 846 Code : EIJGGS2044

15. Integration of Remote Sensing data and GIS for prediction of land cover map
Author(s)- Samereh Falahatka et.al., pp 847- 863 Code : EIJGGS2045

16. Geo-Spatial Yield Monitoring Technology for Mechanized Almond harvest
Author(s)- Balaji Sethuramasamyraja et.al., pp 864- 878 Code : EIJGGS2046

17. A study on Tamilnadu coastal deformation processes using SAR Interferometric data
Author(s)- German Amali Jecintha .T et.al., pp 879- 890 Code : EIJGGS2047

18. Evaluation of Geomorphic Resources: Past and present studies – A review
Author(s)- Prakasam.C, Biplab Biswas pp 903- 913 Code : EIJGGS2049

19. Spatial Distribution of Groundwater quality in Paravanar River Sub-Basin, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu
Author(s)- Shankar.K, Aravindan.S, Rajendran.S pp 914- 931 Code : EIJGGS2050

20. Flood Hazard Mapping using Aster Image data with GIS
Author(s)- Eric Kwabena Forkuo pp 932- 950 Code : EIJGGS2051

21. Landslide susceptibility mapping using frequency ratio method and GIS in south eastern part of Nilgiri District, Tamilnadu, India
Author(s)- Ram Mohan.V et.al., pp 951- 961 Code : EIJGGS2052

22. An improved aggregation tool in GIS for hydrologic models with uniform resolution
Author(s)- Kambhammettu BVN.P et.al., pp 932- 970 Code : EIJGGS2053

Volume 2

Volume 2 Number 1 2011 August issue

1. Stress history effect on mining sand with fines contents
Author(s)- Thian, S.Y, Lee, C.Y pp 1- 10 Code : EIJGGS3001

2. Application of cellular automata technique for prediction of growth pattern through Java programming
Author(s)- Bhavana N. Umrikar et al., pp 11- 20 Code : EIJGGS3002

3. Monitoring desertification risk through climate change and human interference using Remote sensing and GIS techniques
Author(s)- Arnab Kundu, Dipanwita Dutta pp 21- 33 Code : EIJGGS3003

4. Land Use / Land cover change detection in Doon valley (Dehradun Tehsil), Uttarakhand: using GIS& Remote Sensing technique
Author(s)- Tiwari Kuldeep , Khanduri Kamlesh pp 34- 41 Code : EIJGGS3004

5. Open source software technology in advancement of geomatics education
Author(s)- Akinchan Singhai et al, pp 42- 48 Code : EIJGGS3005

6. A study on ground water quality of Neyveli area, Cuddalore district, tamilnadu
Author(s)- Umapathy. S pp 49- 56 Code : EIJGGS3006

7. An overview of GSI mission in Disaster Management using Geoinformatics
Author(s)- Senthi Vadivel.A.S, Bhupatthi Rav pp 57- 70 Code : EIJGGS3007

8. Quantitative and Spatial Analysis of fluvial erosion in relation to Morphometric attributes of Sarujharna Basin, East Singhbhum, Jharkhand
Author(s)- Sandipan Ghosh pp 71- 90 Code : EIJGGS3008

9. Identification of Groundwater Potential Zone using Geoinformatics in Ghataprabha basin, North Karnataka, India
Author(s)- Basavaraj Hutti, Nijagunappa. R. pp 91- 109 Code : EIJGGS3009

10. Quantifying land use and land cover change using geographic information system: A case study of Srinagar city, Jammu and Kashmir, India
Author(s)- Wani, R. A, Khairkar.V. P. pp 110- 120 Code : EIJGGS3010

11. RS & GIS Based Landslide Hazard Zonation of Mountainous Terrains
A Study from Middle Himalayan Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh, India
Author(s)- Vishwa B. S. Chandel et al., pp 121- 132 Code : EIJGGS3011

12. Digital Soil Mapping in GIS Environment for Crop-Land Suitability Analysis
Author(s)- Eric K. Forkuo, Abrefa K. Nketia. pp 133- 146 Code : EIJGGS3012

13. Development of Route Information System for Ambulance Services using GPS and GIS – A study on Thanjavur town
Author(s)- Rajesh Kumar V, Benedict P pp 147- 156 Code : EIJGGS3013

14. Remote Sensing and GIS Based Tectonic Evolution Studies in Parts of Dindigul and Tiruchirappalli District, Tamilnadu
Author(s)- Sankar.S et.al., pp 157- 163 Code : EIJGGS3014

15. Electrical Resistivity Method in Delineating Vadose and Saturated Zone in some Selected Dumpsites in Ibadan Part of South-Western, Nigeria
Author(s)- Ibitola M.P et al., pp 164- 178 Code : EIJGGS3015

16. Estimation of Power Generation from Solid Waste Generated in Sub-Urban Area using Spatial Techniques: A Case Study for Pune City, India
Author(s)- Ranade Pinak , Bapat Geeta pp 179- 187 Code : EIJGGS3016

17. Spatio-Temporal changes of Land use and Land cover analysis using Remote Sensing and GIS: A case study of Kanchipuram District Coastal Stretch – Tamil Nadu
Author(s)- Uma. J, Mahalingam. B pp 188- 195 Code : EIJGGS3017

18. Multi-Temporal and Multi-Resolution Satellite data for Urban Land Use study through Change detection techniques
Author(s)- Rupesh Kumar Gupta pp 196- 218 Code : EIJGGS3018

19. Rainfall Rhythm of Suruli AR Watershed, Theni District, Tamil Nadu – A GIS Approach
Author(s)- Umamathi. S, Aruchamy. S pp 219- 230 Code : EIJGGS3019

20. Performance evaluation of vegetation indices using remotely sensed data
Author(s)- Joshi, Prem Chandra pp 231- 240 Code : EIJGGS3020

21. Hypsometric Analysis of Varattaru River Basin of Harur Taluk, Dharmapuri Districts, Tamilnadu, India using Geomatics Technology
Author(s)- Sivakumar. V et al., pp 241- 247 Code : EIJGGS3021

22. Quantitative Morphometric Analysis of a Watershed of Yamuna Basin, India using ASTER (DEM) Data and GIS
Author(s)- Kuldeep Pareta, Upasana Pareta pp 248- 269 Code : EIJGGS3022

23. Delineation of groundwater potential zones in Mewat District, Haryana, India
Author(s)- Sitender, Rajeshwari pp pp 270- 281 Code : EIJGGS3023

24. Use of DesInventar Database for Preparation of Disaster Management Plan for Vellore District, Tamil Nadu State, India
Author(s)- Ganapathy Pattukandan Ganapathy pp 282- 288 Code : EIJGGS3024

25. Surface water mapping for Watershed management using Geospatial technique
Author(s)- Banukumar.K et al., pp 289- 299 Code : EIJGGS3025

26. Pre- and Post-Monsoon variation in Physico-Chemical characteristics in Groundwater quality of parts of Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu, India
Author(s)- Ganapathi Subramanian.R et al., pp 300- 310 Code : EIJGGS3026

27. Watershed characteristics of Kundah sub basin using Remote Sensing and GIS techniques
Author(s)- Chitra.C et al., pp 311- 335 Code : EIJGGS3027

28. Land Use/ Land Cover information at various levels from different scales of Remote Sensing data of Southern part of Sonbhadra district, U.P.
Author(s)- Narayan Chopra pp 336- 348 Code : EIJGGS3028

Volume 2 Number 2 2011 November issue

1. An Eclectic mapping approach for Non Spatial Data
Author(s)- Naveen Kumar Sidda et al., pp 349- 356 Code : EIJGGS3029

2. Geochemical and geodynamic constraints on the origin of calc-alkaline cryogenian mafic rocks in the Igherm inlier (Western Anti-Atlas, Morocco)
Author(s)- El Aouli.E, Ikenne.M, Amaouain.H pp 357- 370 Code : EIJGGS3030

3. Applications of Geoinformatics in Water Resources Management of
Semi-Arid Region, North Karnataka, India
Author(s)- Basavaraj Hutti, Nijagunappa. R pp 371- 382 Code : EIJGGS3031

4. Morphometric analysis of Korattalaiyar River basin, Tamil Nadu, India: A GIS approach
Author(s)- Geena.G.B, Ballukraya.P.N pp 383- 391 Code : EIJGGS3032

5. Integrating Multivariate Statistical Analysis with GIS for Groundwater in Pambar Sub-Basin, Tamil Nadu, India
Author(s)- Narmatha.T et al., pp 392- 402 Code : EIJGGS3033

6. Prioritization of miniwatersheds based on Morphometric Analysis using Remote Sensing and GIS techniques in a draught prone Bargur – Mathur subwatersheds, Ponnaiyar River basin, India
Author(s)- Sethupathi A.S et al., pp 403- 414 Code : EIJGGS3034

7. A Novel approach to the Identification of Urban Sprawl Patches based on the Scaling of Geographic Space
Author(s)- Xintao Liu, Bin Jiang pp 415- 429 Code : EIJGGS3035

8. Integrated approach using Remote Sensing and GIS techniques for delineating groundwater potential zones in Dwarakeswar watershed, Bankura distict, West Bengal
Author(s)- Nag.S.K , Anindita Lahiri pp 430- 442 Code : EIJGGS3036

9. Disaster resilience of transportation infrastructure and ports – An overview
Author(s)- Madhusudan.C, Ganapathy.G.P pp 443- 455 Code : EIJGGS3037

10. A Geo-Referenced Information System for Tourism (GeoRIST)
Author(s)- Sunil Pratap Singh et al., pp 456- 464 Code : EIJGGS3038

11. Groundwater withdrawal and land subsidence: A study of Singur Block, West Bengal, India
Author(s)- Malay Ganguli pp 465- 471 Code : EIJGGS3039

12. Use of Radar Remote Sensing for Land Use Dynamic Monitoring in South West Coast of Caspian Sea
Author(s)- Golmehr Ehsan pp 472- 480 Code : EIJGGS3040

13. Temporal change detection of vegetation coverage of Dhaka using Remote Sensing
Author(s)- Rahman. S et al., pp 481- 489 Code : EIJGGS3041

14. Pre-processing of Hyperspectral Data: A case study of Henry and Lothian Islands in Sunderban Region, West Bengal, India
Author(s)- Chakravortty Somdatta, Chakrabarti S pp 490- 501 Code : EIJGGS3042

15. The spatial pattern of commuting of property offenders in Chennai city
Author(s)- Sivamurthy.A, Thilagaraj.R pp 502- 518 Code : EIJGGS3043

16. Land use and Land Cover mapping using digital classification technique in Tikamgarh district, Madhya Pradesh, India using Remote Sensing
Author(s)- Karwariya.Sateesh, Goyal Sandip pp 519- 529 Code : EIJGGS3044

17. An analysis on cyclonic track in the coastal region of Bangladesh
Author(s)- Wahiduzzaman, Md. pp 530- 543 Code : EIJGGS3045

18. A GIS morphometric analysis of hydrological catchments within Makkah Metropolitan area, Saudi Arabia
Author(s)- Koshak.N , Dawod.G pp 544- 554 Code : EIJGGS3046

19. Property formation-Change in land related legal document
Author(s)- TAN Liat Choon, Khadijah Binti HUSSIN pp 555- 567 Code : EIJGGS3047

20. Forecasting urban growth based on GIS, RS and SLEUTH model in Pune metropolitan area
Author(s)- Lakshmi KantaKumar N et al., pp 568- 579 Code : EIJGGS3048

21. Groundwater evaluation in KeKeYa groundwater source: Comparison of water balance method and numerical simulation method
Author(s)- Zhou Liling, Xi Wenjuan, He Zhihua pp 580- 588 Code : EIJGGS3049

21. Preliminary partition of groundwater protection zones by empirical formula method
Author(s)- Xi Wenjuan, Jin Jing, Zhao Jinling pp 589- 594 Code : EIJGGS3050

22. Geomorphological study of Atagad Basin, Chamoli District, Uttarakhand: GIS and Remote Sensing approaches
Author(s)- Khanduri Kamlesh pp 595- 601 Code : EIJGGS3051

23. Image fusion techniques for accurate classification of Remote Sensing data
Author(s)- Jyoti Sarup, Akinchan Singhai pp 602- 612 Code : EIJGGS3052

24. Land use/Land cover changes in Hugli Estuary using Fuzzy C-Mean algorithm
Author(s)- Arun Mondal et al., pp 613- 626 Code : EIJGGS3053

25. Digital processing of historical maps from Eastern Macedonia, Greece with the use of GIS- Geography of settlements and toponyms in space and time
Author(s)- Kaimaris Dimitrios et al., pp 627- 646 Code : EIJGGS3054

26. Morphometric analysis of the Manas river basin using earth observation data and Geographical Information System
Author(s)- Jenita Mary Nongkynrih, Zahid Husain pp 647- 654 Code : EIJGGS3055

27. Spatial statistical analysis for delineating timber species diversity hotspots at compartment level
Author(s)- Handique B.K, Gitasree Das pp 655- 668 Code : EIJGGS3056

28. Changing trends of channel pattern of the Ganges-Padma river
Author(s)- Alea Yeasmin, Nazrul Islam. M pp 669- 675 Code : EIJGGS3057

29. A Geomorphological based rainfall-runoff model for ungauged watersheds
Author(s)- Nongthombam Jotish et al., pp 676- 687 Code : EIJGGS3058

30. Ground water quality assessment of Dhankawadi ward of Pune by using GIS
Author(s)- Priti Singh, I.A. Khan pp 688- 703 Code : EIJGGS3059

Volume 2 Number 3 2012 February issue

1. Generation and evaluation of Cartosat -1 DEM for Chhota Shigri Glacier, Himalaya
Author(s)- Pandey P, Venkataraman G pp 704- 711 Code : EIJGGS3060

2. Study of spatial and temporal distribution of rainfall in Nagaland (India)
Author(s)- Kusre B.C, Singh Kh.S pp 712- 722 Code : EIJGGS3061

3. Estimation of air pollution concentration over Jharia coalfield based on satellite imagery of atmospheric aerosol
Author(s)- Mishra R.K et al., pp 723- 729 Code : EIJGGS3062

4. Significance of Geospatial technology and status of its education and training in India
Author(s)- Tejpal, Manju Sharma, Jaglan.M.S pp 730- 737 Code : EIJGGS3063

5. Evaluation of Object-Oriented and Pixel Based Classification Methods for extracting changes in urban area
Author(s)- Sh.Roostaei et al., pp 738- 749 Code : EIJGGS3064

6. New petrology and geochemistry data of lower cryogenian mafic rocks of Precambrian Igherm inlier (Western Anti-Atlas, Morocco)
Author(s)- El Aouli E.H, Amaouain H pp 750- 758 Code : EIJGGS3065

7. Delineation of groundwater prospects zones in and around Kadiri , Anathapur District, Andhra Pradesh, India
Author(s)- Sudarsana Raju. G pp 759- 769 Code : EIJGGS3066

8. Computation of watershed parameters using Geoinformatics
Author(s)- Chandra Bose A.S et al., pp 770- 786 Code : EIJGGS3067

9. Ground Water Prospect in the Adjoining Areas of the Belt of Schuppen: Kharsang Oilfield Area of Arunachal Pradesh, North-East India
Author(s)- Goswami, U, Dutta, M.N pp 787- 804 Code : EIJGGS3068

10. GIS based groundwater quality mapping in southeastern part of Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh, India
Author(s)- Sunitha.V pp 805- 814 Code : EIJGGS3069

11. Coastal risk assessment and adaptation of the impact of sea-level rise, climate change and hazards: A RS and GIS based approach in Apodi-Mossoró estuary,
Northeast Brazil
Author(s)- Mukesh Singh Boori et al., pp 815- 832 Code : EIJGGS3070

12. A Remote sensing approach for monitoring debris-covered glaciers in the high altitude Karakoram Himalayas
Author(s)- Bijeesh Kozhikkodan Veettil pp 833- 841 Code : EIJGGS3071

13. Application of Remote Sensing for delineation of Uranium bearing Vempalli dolomites in and around Tummalapalli area, Cuddapah Basin, India
Author(s)- Raghu Babu. K, Sudarsana Raju. G pp 842- 852 Code : EIJGGS3072

14. Geochemistry of the River Damodar – the influence of the geology and weathering Environment on the dissolved load
Author(s)- Srimanta Gupta, Uday Sankar Banerjee pp 853- 867 Code : EIJGGS3073

15. Groundwater quality assessment with two multi-criteria decision making methods
Author(s)- LI Peiyue, WU Jianhua, QIAN Hui pp 868- 877 Code : EIJGGS3074

16. Micro-Hazard Evaluation and validation of landslide in a part of North Western Garhwal Lesser Himalaya, India
Author(s)- Kishor Kumar et al., pp 878- 891 Code : EIJGGS3075

17. Anthropogenic impact on Landuse/Landcover in Dudhganga Watershed of Kashmir Valley, India
Author(s)- Iqbal.M et al., pp 892- 900 Code : EIJGGS3076

18.Sustainable management of agricultural lands using GIS: A Spatio-Temporal analysis of irrigation water quality in Vadodara taluka
Author(s)- Bindu Bhatt, Janak P. Joshi pp 901- 910 Code : EIJGGS3077

19.Landuse / Land cover dynamics study in Nilgiris district part of Western Ghats, Tamilnadu
Author(s)- Lakshumanan.C et al.,pp 911- 923 Code : EIJGGS3078

Volume 2 Number 4 2012 May issue

1. Land use planning of southern part of Sonbhadra District, U.P., using Remote Sensing Techniques
Author(s)- Narayan Chopra pp 924- 938 Code : EIJGGS3079

2. Application of statistical and Hydrochemical methods to the analysis of the groundwater in the Guiglo-Duekoué area (Western area of Ivory Coast)
Author(s)- Kouassi Amani Michel et al., pp 939- 952 Code : EIJGGS3080

3. Vegetation and Land Cover Mapping of Nagarjunasagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve, Andhra Pradesh, India using Remote Sensing and GIS
Author(s)- Sudeesh S, Sudhakar Reddy C pp 953- 963 Code : EIJGGS3081

4. Land use and Land cover change detection in and around Singrauli Coalfield. A Remote Sensing and GIS based approach
Author(s)- Anil N.C et al., pp 964- 975 Code : EIJGGS3082

5. Spatial distribution of rainfall in Salem and Namakkal districts
Author(s)- Jegankumar.R et al., pp 976- 994 Code : EIJGGS3083

6. Analysis of drainage morphometry and watershed prioritization in Bandu Watershed, Purulia, West Bengal through Remote Sensing and GIS technology – A case study
Author(s)- Ajoy Das et al., pp 995- 1013 Code : EIJGGS3084

7. Land Use /Land Cover classification of an urban area- A case study of Burdwan Municipality, India
Author(s)- Srimanta Gupta et al., pp 1014- 1026 Code : EIJGGS3085

8. Population calibrated land cover impervious surface coefficients for Upper Bhima basin
Author(s)- Anargha A. Dhorde et al., pp 1027- 1047 Code : EIJGGS3086

9. Sustainable rural development with the application of Spatial Information Technology and Mahatma Gandhi national rural employment guaranteed scheme
Author(s)- Richard Scaria et al., pp 1048- 1061 Code : EIJGGS3087

10. Urban growth trend analysis using Shannon Entropy approach – A case study in North-East India
Author(s)- Jyotishman Deka et al., pp 1062- 1068 Code : EIJGGS3088

11. Spatial mapping for land use /land cover assessment using resourcesat-2 data in the parts of Cuddalore district, east coast of Tamil Nadu, India
Author(s)- Kumaravel. S et al., pp 1069- 1077 Code : EIJGGS3089

12. Morphometric analysis and hydrogeomorphology for delineating groundwater potential zones of Western Doon Valley, Uttarakhand, India
Author(s)- A.S. Jasrotia et al., pp 1078- 1096 Code : EIJGGS3090

Volume 3

Volume 3 Number 1 2012 August issue

1. Characterization and disaster management of landslides in the Nilgiris mountainous terrain of Tamil Nadu, India
Author(s)- Manimaran.G et al pp 1- 12 Code : EIJGGS3101

2. Landslide disaster perception of the AILA cyclone in the Darjeeling town, West Bengal, India
Author(s)- Bhattacharya Sudip Kumar pp 13- 29 Code : EIJGGS3102

3. Application of electrical resistivity techniques in the investigation of groundwater contamination: A case study of Ile – Epo Dumpsite, Lagos, Nigeria
Author(s)- Ogungbe A.S pp 30- 41 Code : EIJGGS3103

4. Risk and vulnerability assessment of flood hazard in part of Ghaggar Basin: A case study of Guhla block, Kaithal, Haryana, India
Author(s)- Surjit Singh Saini, Kaushik. S.P pp 42- 54 Code : EIJGGS3104

5. Groundwater potential zone identification using geoelectrical survey: A case study from Medak district, Andhra Pradesh, India
Author(s)- Selvam.S, Sivasubramanian.P pp 55- 62 Code : EIJGGS3105

6. Determination of erosion surfaces and stages of evolution of Sangra drainage basin in Giridih district, Jharkhand, India
Author(s)- Shyamal Dutta, Suvendu Roy pp 63- 73 Code : EIJGGS3106

7. Location allocation for urban waste disposal site using multi-criteria analysis: A study on Nabadwip Municipality, West Bengal, India
Author(s)- Suman Paul pp 74- 88 Code : EIJGGS3107

8. Land Use and Land Cover change detection of Indra river watershed through Remote Sensing using Multi-Temporal satellite data
Author(s)- Gajbhiye.S, Sharma.S.K pp 89- 96 Code : EIJGGS3108

9. Development of an economical Spatial health information system
Author(s)- Prateek Rajput et al pp 97- 110 Code : EIJGGS3109

10. Landform characterizations and water resource management –A case study of Mohand in the foothills of Siwaliks
Author(s)- Arti Singh, Savindra Singh pp 111- 120 Code : EIJGGS3110

11. Online web GIS- based services for spatial data and sharing of leptospirosis epidemiology information; Development of pilot project in Mahasarakham province Thailand
Author(s)- Teerawong Laosuwan pp 121- 133 Code : EIJGGS3111

12. Status of coastal ecosystems through geospatial techniques for degraded coast of Gulf of Mannar
Author(s)- Muthukrishnan.A, Aruchamy.S pp 134- 156 Code : EIJGGS3112

13. Land use and land cover changes detection using multi temporal satellite data Devikulam Taluk, Idukki district, Kerala
Author(s)- Mani.K pp 157- 166 Code : EIJGGS3113

14. GIS based lineament Delineation using geophysical resistivity data, Karur district, Tamil Nadu, India
Author(s)- Muralitharan.J, Palanivel.K pp 167- 177 Code : EIJGGS3114

15. Evaluation of hydrogeomorphological landforms and lineaments using GIS and Remote Sensing techniques in Bargur – Mathur subwatersheds, Ponnaiyar River basin, India
Author(s)- Sethupathi A.S et al pp 178- 190 Code : EIJGGS3115

16. Markov Chain Model for probability of weekly rainfall in Orathanadu Taluk, Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu
Author(s)- Senthilvelan.A, Ganesh.A, Banukumar.K pp 191- 203 Code : EIJGGS3116

17. Geo-Hydrological study of Gandheshwari Sub-watershed using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
Author(s)- Subodh Chandra Pal, Manisa Shit pp 204- 218 Code : EIJGGS3117

18. SCS curve number method in Narmada basin
Author(s)- Tejram Nayak et al pp 219- 228 Code : EIJGGS3118

19. An evaluation of aquifer characteristics in and around Kadiri Schist belt of Anantapur District, Andhrapradesh
Author(s)- Sudarsana Raju G et al pp 229- 238 Code : EIJGGS3119

20. Monitoring of bank line erosion of River Ganga, Malda District, and West Bengal: Using RS and GIS compiled with statistical techniques
Author(s)- Bhaskar Das, Milan Mondal, Ajoy Das pp 239- 248 Code : EIJGGS3120

21. GIS approach in assessing the status of neritic water quality and petroleum hydrocarbons in Bay of Bengal (From Chennai to Nagapattinam, Tamilnadu), India
Author(s)- Gowri V.S et al pp 249- 258 Code : EIJGGS3121

22. Visualization of the rangeland resources from space: A case of Sahel Region, West Africa
Author(s)- Yaw A. Twumasi et al pp 259- 268 Code : EIJGGS3122

23.Three decadal monitoring of mountain glaciers in Ecuador – A case study on ENSO impact on Andean glaciers: A Remote sensing perspective
Author(s)- Bijeesh Kozhikkodan Veettil pp 269- 284 Code : EIJGGS3123

24.The evaluation of ground water pollution in alluvial and crystalline aquifer by Principal Component Analysis
Author(s)- Lalitha. A et al pp 285- 298 Code : EIJGGS3124

Volume 3 Number 2 2012 November issue

1. Landuse / Landcover change study of Jharkhali Island Sundarbans, West Bengal using Remote Sensing and GIS
Author(s)- Kaberi Samanta, Sugata Hazra pp 299- 306 Code : EIJGGS3125

2. Active volcanoes guided Tsunamigenic earthquakes from Andaman – Indonesia regions – A tectonic model
Author(s)- Manimaran. G et al pp 307- 313 Code : EIJGGS3126

3. Prioritisation of miniwatersheds based on Morphometric analysis using GIS
Author(s)- Sridhar. P et al pp 314- 320 Code : EIJGGS3127

4. GIS based mapping and environmental impact of Wetlands changes in a Riverine district of Bangladesh
Author(s)- Siddiki et al pp 321- 338 Code : EIJGGS3128

5. Investigation of lineaments in Tehran province on the basis of remote sensing techniques
Author(s)- Golmehr Ehsan pp 339- 350 Code : EIJGGS3129

6. Morphometric analysis and associated land use study of a part of the Dwarkeswar watershed
Author(s)- Subodh Chandra Pal, Gopal Chandra Debnath pp 351- 363 Code : EIJGGS3130

7. Linear aspects of Naina-Gorma river basin Morphometry, Rewa district, Madhya Pradesh, India
Author(s)- Vimla Singh, Alok Dubey pp 364- 372 Code : EIJGGS3131

8. Morphometric analysis of Maun watershed in Tehri-Garhwal district of Uttarakhand using GIS
Author(s)- Santosh M. Pingale et al pp 373- 387 Code : EIJGGS3132

Volume 3 Number 3 2013 February issue

1. Understanding urban sprawl dynamics of Gulbarga – Tier II city in Karnataka through spatio-temporal data and spatial metrics
Author(s)- Ramachandra T.V, Bharath H. Aithal pp 388- 404 Code : EIJGGS3133

2. Role of Remote Sensing and GIS in artificial recharge of the ground water aquifer in Ottapidaram taluk, Tuticorin district, South India
Author(s)- Murugiah M, Venkatraman P pp 405- 415 Code : EIJGGS3134

3. Assessment and mapping of water quality index in Prakasam district, A.P. using geographical information systems
Author(s)- Ch. Maruthi Devi, Kiran Yarrkula, Usha Madhuri T pp 416- 424 Code : EIJGGS3135

4. Change detection analysis of the shoreline using Toposheet and Satellite Image: A case study of the coastal stretch of Mandarmani-Shankarpur, West Bengal, India
Author(s)-Santra Mitra S, Santra A, Mitra D pp 425- 437 Code : EIJGGS3136

5. The spectral response characteristics of the soils and their possible estimation by using partial least square regression (PLSR) analysis
Author(s)-Zelikman. E, Carmina. E pp 438- 453 Code : EIJGGS3137

6. Trends analysis of river bank erosion at Chandpur, Bangladesh: A remote sensing and GIS approach
Author(s)- Biswajit Nath, Sultana, Naznin, Paul, Alak pp 454- 463 Code : EIJGGS3138

7. Morphometric analysis using Geographic Information System (GIS) for sustainable development of hydropower projects in the lower Satluj river catchment in Himachal Pradesh, India
Author(s)- Nishant Vaidya, Jagdish Chandra Kuniyal, Rohit Chauhan pp 464- 473 Code : EIJGGS3139

8. A small discussion on microwave application for groundwater exploration: A review
Author(s)- Singh A.N, Anupam Singhal, Rajiv Gupta pp 474- 485 Code : EIJGGS3140

9. Identification of urban sprawl dynamics in a rapid growing city using GIS
Author(s)- Srimanta Gupta et al pp 486- 499 Code : EIJGGS3141

10. Visual change detection study of some of the urban areas of Assam, India using Remote Sensing
Author(s)- Shukla Acharjee et al pp 500- 510 Code : EIJGGS3142

11. Monitoring meteorological and agricultural drought dynamics in Barind region Bangladesh using standard precipitation index and Markov chain model
Author(s)- Jahangir Alam A.T.M et al pp 511- 524 Code : EIJGGS3143

12. Tank rehabilitation index for prioritization of lakes in semi arid regions – Geospatial approach
Author(s)- Nagarajan R pp 525- 537 Code : EIJGGS3144

13. Land Use/Cover change and its implications for Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh, India
Author(s)- Chandel Vishwa B.S et al pp 538- 551 Code : EIJGGS3145

14. Land use and cover change assessment using Remote Sensing and GIS: Dohuk City, Kurdistan, Iraq (1998-2011)
Author(s)- Jambally Mohammed pp 552- 569 Code : EIJGGS3146

15. Environmental monitoring of estuaries: Estimating and mapping various environmental indicators in Matla estuarine complex, using Landsat TM digital data
Author(s)- Ray R, Mandal S, Dhara A pp 570- 581 Code : EIJGGS3147

16. A geospatial approach for assessing and modeling spatial accessibility of the primary health centers in the tribal talukas of the Vadodara district
Author(s)- Bindu Bhatt, Janak P Joshi pp 582- 591 Code : EIJGGS3148

17. Error reduction in GPS datum conversion using Kalman filter in diverse scenarios
Author(s)- Swapna Raghunath et al pp 592- 604 Code : EIJGGS3149

18. Prioritization of sub-basins of Ghataprabha River using morphometric parameters
Author(s)- Rajat Kumar Panda, Nagarajan R pp 605- 617 Code : EIJGGS3150

19. Application of Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in flood vulnerability mapping: Case study of River Kaduna
Author(s)- Muhammad Isma’il, Iyortim Opeluwa Saanyol pp 618- 627 Code : EIJGGS3151

20. Microwave radiometric estimation of excess electrical path – an overview
Author(s)- Karmakar P.K et al pp 628- 644 Code : EIJGGS3152

21. Digital image processing and geospatial analysis of landsat 7 ETM+ for mineral exploration, Abidiya area, North Sudan
Author(s)- Sami O. El Khidir, Ibrahim A. A. Babikir pp 645- 658 Code : EIJGGS3153

22. One decade hydro meteorological data assessment through statistics, Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu, South India
Author(s)- Venkat Raman A.T.V.R et al pp 659- 667 Code : EIJGGS3154

23. Climatic balance on coastal ecosystems in Gulf of Mannar: Geoclimatic techniques
Author(s)- Muthukrishnan A et al pp 668- 691 Code : EIJGGS3155

Volume 3 Number 4 2013 May issue

1. Drainage Morphometry Evaluation for Kodavanar sub basin to Understand the Interrelationships in Morphological Systems and in Process-Response Systems
Author(s)- Muthukrishnan et al pp 692- 707 Code : EIJGGS3156

Volume 4

Volume 4 Number 1 2013 August issue

1. Importance of returning earth axis to its original direction
Author(s)- Imad Adel Ahmad Al-Qasem and Abdul Razzaq Abdallah Izzat Touqan pp 1- 3 Code : EIJGGS4001

2. Land use and Land cover Change in parts of Punjab Satluj Floodplain (India): A Geospatial Analytical Overview from 1975 – 2011
Author(s)- Harsimrat Kaur and Karanjot Kaur Brar pp 4- 15 Code : EIJGGS4002

3. Screening and Ranking of Chad Basin for co2 Sequestration Potential in Nigeria
Author(s)- I. Yusuf and N.G Obaje pp 16- 29 Code : EIJGGS4003

4. Estimation of air pollution concentration over Jharia coalfield based on satellite imagery of atmospheric aerosol
Author(s)- Mishra. R.K et al., pp 30- 35 Code : EIJGGS4004

5. Temporal Change Detection of Vegetation Coverage in Patuakhali Coastal Area of Bangladesh Using GIS & Remotely Sensed Data
Author(s)- Rahman. M. M pp 36- 46 Code : EIJGGS4005

6. Spatial Analysis of Urban Growth in Kazaure Local Government Area of Jigawa State, Nigeria
Author(s)- Muhammad Isma’il et al., pp 47- 60 Code : EIJGGS4006

7. Estimation of crop water requirement in rice-wheat system from multi-temporal AWIFS satellite data
Author(s)- Mamta Kumari et al., pp 61- 74 Code : EIJGGS4007

8. Flood risk zone mapping of the Subansiri sub-basin in Assam, India
Author(s)- Chinmoyee Gogoi et al., pp 75- 88 Code : EIJGGS4008

9. Quantitative Morphometric analysis of Kosasthalaiyar sub basin (Chennai basin) using remote sensing (SRTM) data and GIS techniques
Author(s)-Vibhu Nayar, Kavitha Natarajan., pp 89- 102 Code : EIJGGS4009

10. Morphometric analysis and vertical electrical sounding in groundwater prospecting: a case study from a Himalayan foothill river basin, NW India
Author(s)-Kshetrimayum K.S pp 103- 115 Code : EIJGGS4010

11. Bathymetric study of the Bay of Bengal based on open source satellite and sounding data
Author(s)- Abdul Kader et al pp 116- 124 Code : EIJGGS4011

12. Tidal River Management (TRM) and its implication in disaster management: A geospatial study on Hari-Teka river basin, Jessore, Bangladesh
Author(s)- Alak Paul, Biswajit Nath, Md. Rana Abbas pp 125- 135 Code : EIJGGS4012

13. Hydrogeochemistry of subsurface and surface water from bank of Jayanti stream, Kolhapur area, Maharashtra (India)
Author(s)- Golekar R B et al pp 136- 148 Code : EIJGGS4013

14. Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in studying changing river course in Bankura District, West Bengal
Author(s)- Subrata Pan pp 149- 163 Code : EIJGGS4014

15. Identification of geomorphic signatures of active tectonics in the West Lidder Watershed, Kashmir Himalayas: Using Remote Sensing and GIS
Author(s)- Bhat F. A et al pp 164- 176 Code : EIJGGS4015

16. A geospatial technique for demarcating ground water recharge potential zones: A study of Mahi – Narmada Inter stream region, Gujarat
Author(s)- Sumit Dabral et al pp 177- 185 Code : EIJGGS4016

17. Capacity survey of Nagarjuna Sagar reservoir, India using Linear Mixture Model (LMM) approach
Author(s)- Jeyakanthan, V.S, Sanjeevi. S pp 186- 194 Code : EIJGGS4017

18. Remote sensing and GIS in the geomorphometric analysis of micro-watersheds for hydrological Scenario assessment and characterization – A study on Sarada river basin, Visakhapatnam district, India
Author(s)- Nooka Ratnam Kinthada et al pp 195- 212 Code : EIJGGS4018

19. Spatio-temporal analysis of land use – land cover changes in Delhi using remote sensing and GIS techniques
Author(s)- Anirban Mukhopadhyay et al pp 213- 223 Code : EIJGGS4019

20. Morphometric analysis of Urmodi basin, Maharashtra using geo-spatial techniques
Author(s)- Subhash Chavare, Sambhaji D.Shinde pp 224- 231 Code : EIJGGS4020

21. Temporal trends of precipitation in Debrecen (Hungary) in the period 1901-2011
Author(s)- Sandor Forian, Janos Tamas pp 232- 241 Code : EIJGGS4021

22. Mapping and monitoring of land use and land cover changes using Remote Sensing and GIS techniques
Author(s)- Mahapatra. M et al pp 242- 248 Code : EIJGGS4022

23. Geo-informatics application in response to tsunami disaster and preparation of development plans for eastern coast of Ampara District, Sri Lanka
Author(s)- Mohamed Rinos M.H. , Kaleel M.I.M pp 249- 255 Code : EIJGGS4023

24. The upland ‘Red Beds’ from the Khanapur Figureau, Maharashtra, India
Author(s)- Elzien S.M pp 256- 279 Code : EIJGGS4024

Volume 4 Number 2 2013 November issue

1. Studies on textural characteristics of Erra Kalva River, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, East coast of India
Author(s)- Karuna Karudu.T pp 280- 295 Code : EIJGGS4025

2. Detection of land use and land cover change with Remote Sensing and GIS: A case study of Punjab Siwaliks
Author(s)- Gursewak Singh Brar pp 296- 304 Code : EIJGGS4026

3. Application of hyperspectral data for Development of spectral library of mangrove species in the Sunderban Delta
Author(s)- Somdatta Chakravortty pp 305- 312 Code : EIJGGS4027

4. Suitability analysis for tourist infrastructures utilizing multi-criteria GIS: A case study in Al-Hada city, Saudi Arabia
Author(s)- Gomaa M. Dawod pp 313- 324 Code : EIJGGS4028

5. Rapid urban growth in the city of Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan Region:An integrated approach of GIS, Remote Sensing and Shannon Entropy application
Author(s)- Jambally Mohammed pp 325- 341 Code : EIJGGS4029

6. Monitoring volume fluctuations of Indian reservoirs from space
Author(s)- Ashish Sharma et al pp 342- 355 Code : EIJGGS4030

7. Morphometric and Terrain analysis of Payaswani River Basin of Kerala and Karnataka States using GIS
Author(s)- Sukumar B, Ahalya Sukumar pp 356- 365 Code : EIJGGS4031

8. Landslide susceptibility zonation in Kukalthurai Halla watershed, Moyar sub-basin in Nilgiris mountains, South india using Remote Sensing and GIS
Author(s)- Gomathi R, Ram Mohan V, Backiaraj S pp 366- 378 Code : EIJGGS4032

9. Evaluation of landuse / landcover dynamics of chilika catchment
Author(s)- Adikanda Ojha et al pp 388- 396 Code : EIJGGS4033

10. Assessment and prediction of impact and effectiveness of watershed management practices on land use land cover in Seoni watershed, Madhya Pradesh using remote sensing and GIS
Author(s)- Dharmendra Singh et al pp 397- 409 Code : EIJGGS4034

11. Cutting of hills and human tragedy: An example of law enforcement loophole in the southeastern region of Bangladesh
Author(s)- Md. Mahbub Murshed pp 410- 416 Code : EIJGGS4035

12. Determination of an optimal interpolation technique to represent the spatial distribution of groundwater quality at urban and peri-urban areas of Proddatur, Y.S.R district, Andhra Pradesh, India
Author(s)- Jagadish Kumar. M et al pp 417- 426 Code : EIJGGS4036

13. Quantifying the dynamic changes of landuse and landcover in Neil Island, Andaman and Nicobar, India
Author(s)- Saravanan et al pp 427- 434 Code : EIJGGS4037

Volume 4 Number 3 2014 – February issue

1. Comparison of Multi-criteria evaluation (AHP and WLC approaches) for land capability assessment of urban development in GIS
Author(s)- Bamshad Shenavr et al pp 435- 446 Code : EIJGGS4038

2. Detection of possible causes of earthquakes in central Sudan: An integrated GIS approach
Author(s)- Khalid A. Elsayed Zeinelabdein et alpp 447- 455 Code : EIJGGS4039

3. Evaluating groundwater pollution using statistical analysis of hydrochemical data: A case study from southeastern part of Pune metropolitan city (India)
Author(s)- Wagh G.S et al pp 456- 476 Code : EIJGGS4040

4. Study of coal fire dynamics of Jharia coalfield using satellite data
Author(s)- Mishra. R.K et al pp 477- 484 Code : EIJGGS4041

5. Identification of groundwater recharge potential zones for a watershed using remote sensing and GIS
Author(s)- Shivaji Govind Patil et al pp 485- 498 Code : EIJGGS4042

6. Natural resource mapping using hybrid classification approach: Case study of Cooch Behar District, West Bengal
Author(s)- Aditi Sarkar et al pp 499- 507 Code : EIJGGS4043

7. Analysis of surface runoff from Yerala River Basin using SCS-CN and GIS
Author(s)- Abhijit M. Zende et al pp 508- 516 Code : EIJGGS4044

8. Change detection analysis using multi temporal satellite data of Poba reserve forest, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh
Author(s)- Maya Kumari et al pp 517- 525 Code : EIJGGS4045

9. Quantitative evaluation of distribution and accessibility of urban green spaces (Case study: City of Jeddah)
Author(s)- Ragab Khalil pp 526- 535 Code : EIJGGS4046

10. Land use/cover dynamics using multi-temporal satellite imagery- A case study of Haldwani town area, district Nainital, Uttarakhand, India
Author(s)- Rawat J.S et al pp 536- 543 Code : EIJGGS4047

11. Ukhimath landslide 2012 at Uttarakhand, India: Causes and consequences
Author(s)- Islam, M.A et al pp 544- 557 Code : EIJGGS4048

12. Geobotanical and geomorphological approach to map the surface lithology using remote sensor data
Author(s)- Tanzeer Hasan pp 558- 572 Code : EIJGGS4049

13. Recent repeated occurrences of Gas bubbles Streaming Water Jets along Achankovil shear zone of south India and their seismotectonic significance
Author(s)- Manimaran G, Sugan M pp 573- 578 Code : EIJGGS4050

14. Study on Effect of Crumb Rubber on Behavior of Soil
Author(s)- Shiva Prasad.A et. al., pp 579- 584 Code : EIJGGS4051

Volume 4 Number 4 2014 – May issue

1. Determining the Suitability and Accuracy of Various Statistical Algorithms for Satellite Data Classification
Author(s)- Khalid Omar Murtaza and Shakil A. Romshoo pp 585- 599 Code : EIJGGS4052

2. Land use/land cover change detection: a case study of Usilampatti Block, Madurai District, Tamil Nadu
Author(s)- Pradeep. C et. al., pp 600- 608 Code : EIJGGS4053

3. Assessment of spatio-temporal variations in land use land cover over pimipri chinch wad Municipal corporation using Remote sensing data
Author(s)- Rina B. Fernandez, Anargha A. Dhorde pp 609- 618 Code : EIJGGS4054

4. Forest cover change in ho municipality of the Volta region, Ghana
Author(s)- Selase Kofi Adanu et. al., pp 619- 629 Code : EIJGGS4055

5. Hydrothermal stress and damage risk in the stones of the castle of Chambord-France
Author(s)- Saad Al-Omari et. al., pp 630- 644 Code : EIJGGS4056

6. Use of GIS in optimal spatial network of hydrological data in Betwa river catchment
Author(s)- Ritu Ahlawat pp 645- 660 Code : EIJGGS4057

7. Morphometric analysis of Kharlikani watershed in Odisha, India using spatial information technology
Author(s)- Kishor Choudhari et. al., pp 661- 671 Code : EIJGGS4058

8. This article is retracted Author(s)- pp 672- 679 Code : EIJGGS4059

9. Depth-diameter ratios of lunar craters from chandrayaan-1 TMC images and DEM and its significance
Author(s)- Mohammad Aasim, I.M Bahuguna pp 680- 788 Code : EIJGGS4060

Volume 5

Volume 5 Number 1 2014 – August issue

Volume 5 Number 2 2014 – November issue

Volume 5 Number 3 2015 – February issue

Volume 5 Number 4 2015 – May issue

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Volume 6 Number 1 2015 – August issue

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