The Sun Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana

The Sun Tarot Card Meaning – In the Major Arcana, the Sun Tarot card is a symbol of success, positivity and joy. If this card appears in your reading, then be assured that others will be drawn towards you because of the positive qualities in you. If you are still wondering about this tarot card meaning, the Sun indicates that you are full of joy and energy.

For those of you who are having difficulties in life, the Sun card is a positive sign that all your troubles will come to an end and you will have a brighter future. In tarot, the Sun card also represents truth and honesty. So, be sure that the Sun will shine its light on all the lies and deception of others in your life.

Do you have plans to start a new business or grow your family? Drawing this card in a tarot reading indicates that now is a wonderful chance to take action towards fulfilling your dreams!

The Sun Tarot Card Meaning and Significance

The Sun tarot card represents joy, optimism and positivity. This card depicts a bright and radiant Sun – which symbolizes the source of all the life on planet Earth.

Beneath the Sun, you will notice four sunflowers on a brick wall. These sunflowers symbolize the four Minor Arcana suits and the four elements of nature.

While in the foreground of the card, you will notice a naked child sitting joyfully on a white horse. The joyful child represents the happiness of being aligned with your inner conscious, whereas the nakedness of the child symbolizes that he has nothing whatsoever to hide or conceal. The white horse symbolizes purity, sanctity, strength and grit.

The Sun Tarot Keywords

Before delving into the meanings of the upright and reversed Sun cards, here is a quick look at the key phrases associated with this Major Arcana card.

  • Upright – Happiness, Triumph, Festivity, Optimism, Success, Vitality
  • Reversed – Gloom, Sorrow, Pessimism, Self-Doubt, Inner Child
  • Numerology – 19
  • Planet – Sun
  • Element – Fire
  • Yes or No – Yes
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign – Leo

The Sun Upright Card Meaning and Guide

Success, brilliance, and abundance are all associated with the Sun tarot card. As the sun shines down on you, it reassures you that your bright and radiant spirit will always be there to support you as well as bring you joy.

As a person who constantly sees the bright side of things, you attract the attention of others. This warm and positive energy will help you in overcoming tough situations and difficulties in life. These will help you succeed in life.

At this juncture in your life, you are more than willing to share your best qualities, joy and success with others. Shower your affection for your loved ones and show them what you are.

The Sun card brings you a message that your difficulties and troubles will soon be over. Things will get better just like the clear blue skies. You’ve learned a lot about yourself and the purpose of your journey by overcoming obstacles along the way.

As a result, you have a renewed sense of purpose and optimism for the future, and you can already see the fruits of your labour. Confidence abounds in your knowledge that everything will turn out just as you expect.

The Sun tarot card helps you in connecting with your source of power. This source is not your ego or pride. Rather it is the abundant radiating inner energy within you.

You will sense this inner energy in your Solar Plexus chakra. You will have an innate want to authentically express yourself and be mindful of everything around you.

You’ve got what people want, and you’re being asked to radiate this joy and energy to everyone around you. Connect with your inner strength and use your spiritual willpower to channel that energy into a beneficial direction.

The Sun is an energising card as well. It indicates a period of increased physical vigour, vitality, and general happiness. With the newfound energy and wonderful health, you are overflowing with happiness and vitality.

The Sun Reversed Card Meaning and Guide

The Sun Reversed tarot card indicates that you have to allow your inner child (your inner self) to have fun. As adults, we keep forgetting how to enjoy and have fun because of the commotion of everyday life.

In contrast, try spending some time observing how children play and have fun. You will realize how happy and joyous life can be if you let go of all your stress and fears.

Think of The Sun Reversed as a permission slip to put your work and obligations aside, even if it’s only for a brief while. Go out and have fun with your friends. Sing your heart out! Dance like there is no tomorrow! Let your spirits free, be mindful and enjoy the moment.

Having the Sun Reversed card in your reading can indicate that you are having difficulty seeing the positive aspects of life. You may have had disappointments that drained your excitement and optimism and made you question whether you could accomplish what you set out to accomplish.

There is a possibility that you are feeling unhappy or isolated and no longer love your work. The way ahead may appear hazy or distorted at first.

The Sun is always a positive card and it NEVER hints at negativity. So, your current troubles may only be temporary and you will soon be joyous like always.

There is no need to fear the barriers that you perceive because they can all be overcome with a little effort. Just a little bit more work is all it will take.

It’s also possible that you’re being excessively confident or enthusiastic. Despite your self-assurance, you may have developed an arrogant attitude and a lack of appreciation for what you can accomplish or what you have already achieved.

Do you tell the truth to yourself and to those around you? Or, maybe you are being too egotistic when you already know that you cannot live up to the expectations?

If you feel this way, seek out the opinions of others and conduct a reality check. Ask yourself these questions. Is it possible that you’re being too idealistic? Is what you want to accomplish a reality? How confident are you in your abilities?

The Sun Tarot Health and Spirituality Readings

The Sun card in a health tarot reading represents your overall well-being and vitality. You might not be feeling good right now, but soon your self-confidence and energy levels will return to normal.

Furthermore, you can expect to see long-term health benefits. If you are suffering from a disease, you will soon feel better.

In any case, it is a fantastic time for you to begin an exercise or diet plan. The Sun tarot card will provide you with the energy and motivation you need to get your health back on track.

From a spiritual perspective, we must keep in mind that our behaviours and beliefs are shaped by the thoughts we engage. You have to power to manifest the things that you desire in life by simply focusing or thinking about them.

The Sun in Money and Career Tarot Reading

In terms of finances, money and career, the Sun tarot card indicates success, growth and attainment of all your targets and goals. It advises you to focus on your ambitions and put in the necessary effort to achieve them.

The Sun tarot card represents hope and optimism in every task you undertake. Even if you are facing tough times, this card reassures you that things will eventually get better. You are destined to succeed. Now is the perfect time to make a move, if you are looking at starting a new business or switching to a better job.

Focus all of your attention on being positive and motivated to succeed in your search for a new career, job, or successful investment.

Be sure to surround yourself with positive people. Your success is certain, but you must persevere and rely on your motivation in order to achieve your goals. You have to work hard to better your financial situation. Clear that pending debt, save money, invest well – and you will be on the path to financial success.

In some cases, the Sun card might represent someone in your life. It is just a matter of time before you get the help you need to achieve your goals. This person is eager to brighten your days and assist you in achieving your life’s ambitions.

If you welcome this individual into your life and trust them to assist you in realising your greatest potential, you will find harmony and tranquilly within no time.

The Sun Yes or No Tarot Reading

The Sun is a symbol of abundance, joy, and fulfilment in your life. It’s a symbol of success and competence in all your endeavours. Because of this, whenever you see the Sun card in a yes or no tarot reading, the answer to your queries is undeniably a YES.

The Sun Tarot in Love and Relationships Reading

The Sun tarot card is a good sign if you’re in a committed relationship. Now is the perfect time to savour the romance you share with your significant other. If you’ve been together for a long time, it’s easy to overlook what brought you guys together.

According to the Sun tarot card, it’s time to reignite the romance in your relationship. As a consequence, the synergy between you and your partner will be better than ever.

An engagement or wedding can also be predicted when the Sun shows up in your love reading. Now is the best time to take your relationship to a whole new level.

There’s no need to be concerned if you’re single. When the Sun appears in a tarot love reading, it suggests that you will be content and happy as a single person.

Many times we feel that we can only be happy if we are in a love relationship or when we purchase a new vehicle or maybe if we get a raise. But, this is absolutely not the case at all. The Sun tarot card facilitates personal growth which results in inner happiness. You would be content within yourself.

It does not matter whether or not you are in a relationship. You should embrace your current situation and focus on improving yourself both physically and spiritually.

The Sun tarot card’s general meaning is that you radiate a warm and pleasant aura that attracts others to your side. It’s difficult for people to overlook you because your personality is so brilliant.

You are a joyous person and your happiness is contagious. You make everyone around you happy and comfortable. As a result, people around you try to emulate your joy and confidence. You can spread positivity and love when you yourself are filled with it.

Drawing The Sun in Tarot Reading

In a tarot reading, the Sun Tarot card can be paired with the following cards to form an important combination.

Thus we conclude our interpretation of the Sun tarot, In your spread, did this interpretation make sense to you if you got an upright or inverted Sun tarot card?

If you have any questions concerning tarot cards or the Sun tarot card meanings, please feel free to let us know, and I will do my best to answer them.

What does the Sun tarot card mean in love reading?

When the Sun appears in a love tarot reading, an engagement or wedding is foreseen in your future. When it comes to pushing your relationship a step further, now would be the best moment to do so.

There’s no need to be concerned if you’re single. The Sun tarot card encourages you to seek contentment and happiness in your own company if you are a single person. You should strive to find joy within yourself.

Is the Sun a Yes or No card?

The Sun tarot card symbolizes victory, triumph, productivity and success in all your endeavours. As a result, whenever you see the Sun card in a yes or no reading, the answer is an unquestionable YES!

What does the Sun tarot card mean in tarot reading?

The Sun card in the Tarot represents happiness and success. In the event that this card appears in your reading, folks will be drawn to you because of these attributes. When you go into a room, you will radiate happiness and self-confidence.

What is the meaning of the Sun reversed in tarot?

In the tarot, a Sun reversed card signifies gloom and dejection. You may be suffering from a lack of faith and contentment. Is it so difficult for you to see the bright side of some situations? If this is the case, sit down and question yourself – would you lose faith in the sun because clouds cover it?

What zodiac sign is the sun tarot card?

The Sun tarot card is associated with the Zodiac sign LEO.

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