The World Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana

The World Tarot Card Meaning – The World is the final trump of the Major Arcana sequence. The World tarot card is a symbol of perfection, oneness, and fulfillment. It signifies that the world is at your feet and you have to seize the opportunity. The World card usually shows up when you are close to the attainment of your goals or accomplishments.

When the World tarot card shows up in your reading, it indicates that you are almost on the verge of fulfilling your ultimate aspirations in life and it’s time for you to ascend to new heights. Read further to fully grasp the significance of this tarot card.

The World Tarot Card Meaning and Significance

The World tarot card shows a depiction of a naked woman clad in purple cloth. The woman is inside a large laurel wreath and is dancing merrily. Although she is seen to be moving in a forward direction, she also has her sight fixed into the past.

Similar to the Magician, the woman in the World card holds two batons or wands in her hands. This symbolizes that the manifesting of your desires by the Magician has now been fulfilled by the World tarot card.

In stepping through the wreath, the woman completes one phase yet begins another nearly immediately. This symbolizes a never-ending cycle of achievement and fresh beginnings. You begin your journey towards new goals as soon as you achieve the past ones!

At the four corners of the wreath, you will notice four figures which are depicted by a lion, an eagle, a cherub, and a bull. These four figures represent the Zodiac signs Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Taurus respectively.

Similar depictions of animals can also be found in the Wheel of Fortune tarot card. Both the World and the Wheel of Fortune cards signify the cyclical nature of your existence and your progress through life.

These four figures are a metaphor for the four seasons, the four suits of the Minor Arcana, and the four edges of the Universe. As you progress through each phase of your life, they will help you maintain a sense of balance and harmony.

The World Tarot Keywords

Before proceeding to the meaning of the Upright and Reversed World tarot, here is a small list of the key terms which are associated with this final Major Arcana card.

  • Upright – Harmony, Peace, Completion, Fulfillment, Wholeness, Travel
  • Reversed – Incomplete, Inadequacy, Deficiency, Lack of Closure, Shortcomings
  • Numerology – 21
  • Planet – Saturn
  • Element – Earth
  • Yes or No – YES
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign – Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Taurus

The World Upright Card Meaning and Guide

In a Tarot reading, the World card signifies a feeling of completeness, accomplishment, and contentment. Now you can bask in the warmth and glory of success.

It could mean anything from completion of your graduation, or success in your relationship or childbirth or a much-awaited promotion at work or fulfillment of a long-held dream.

You’ve finally achieved what you’ve always dreamed of. All the pieces of this phase of your journey have fallen into their place for you to achieve your dreams. You have a sense of completeness and wholeness in your being.

The World tarot card gives you an opportunity to contemplate upon your journey, recognize your accomplishments, and connect to your spiritual experiences.

Rejoice in your accomplishments and relish the satisfaction of seeing your plans come to fruition. You are stronger, wiser, and more experienced today because of all that has happened to you in your life. Your life experiences make you stronger.

Make it a point to thank and appreciate yourself for the fruits of your labor. Don’t be in a hurry to move on to the next challenges in your life journey. Make sure you enjoy your current success before moving ahead.

Is this the end of the road for you? No, but you are close to beginning a new journey towards the next phase of your life.

This journey might be challenging and difficult, but you can overcome any obstacle if you remain positive and have faith in your ability to achieve your goals.

You may require additional knowledge in order to go on to the next stage of your education and succeed in life. Reflect on how far you’ve come and how much you’ve learned from your past experiences.

No matter what challenges and obstacles you face, always remember that you are a spiritual being with immense power and potential.

When you look back on your journey, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ve accomplished. Your project’s culminating phases may be benefited by a period of reflection like this.

If there is any unfinished business, the World card urges you to finish it. New opportunities and possibilities can only emerge when you conclude your previous goals.

In a more literal sense, “World” might refer to a long journey around the globe. It’s possible that you’ve been blessed with the opportunity to spend a year or more traveling, working, learning, or living abroad.

This card indicates that you will gain a newfound appreciation for individuals and cultures from around the world. This strengthens the idea of Universal awareness.

The World Reversed Card Meaning and Guide

The World Reversed tarot card indicates that you are trying for proper closure of a personal issue which has been pestering you.

Maybe you are trying to get rid of the emotional baggage from your previous relationships. Or maybe you are not happy with how your physical appearance has changed over the past few years and you want to pick up a diet and exercise plan.

Deep down in your heart, you truly understand that in order to proceed ahead you have to let go of the past beliefs and old patterns.

You realize that you have to move on. In order to find closure for your troubles, you can try visualizing or journaling or maybe you can get help from a therapist. This is an entirely personal experience that you have to fulfill so that you can progress to the next phase of your life’s journey.

The Reversed World card indicates that you are taking shortcuts or not following the necessary steps to reach your goal or completion of a significant project. To achieve your goal, you can take the shortest or easiest route, but it will not lead you to success.

Taking a balloon ride to the top of a mountain is a very different experience than climbing or trekking from the bottom up. You can only learn and grow if you go through the hardships that life throws at you. When you accomplish your dreams, you will feel a tremendous sense of fulfillment.

Achieving your long-term goals will be all the more rewarding if you’re willing to put yourself through trials or obstacles to get there. Victory tastes sweeter only when you’ve worked hard to earn it.

The World Reversed also indicates a final juncture in a project or goal’s completion where you lose your attention and slack off. Why quit now when you are so close to the finish line?

Bring yourself back to life by reminding yourself how fantastic it would be if you finally obtain what you’ve been wanting for so long. Pick up the slack and reach the finish line as soon as possible.

Delay in completion of work or projects is indicated by the World Reversed card. Maybe you are missing out on an important step in finishing your project. Until you resolve such small and critical issues, you will not be able to achieve closure. In order to cross the finish line, you may have to think outside the box.

The World Tarot Health & Spirituality Reading

In terms of health, the World tarot card indicates that any persistent medical issues will be resolved and eventually your health will improve.

This card suggests that you can also consider trying alternative medicine in case of minor health issues. But you should definitely consult an expert doctor for advice on critical health conditions.

In most decks, the World is considered to be an action card. But sometimes it could also represent personal growth in all spheres of life. If you want to gain insight into what your spiritual self wishes you to know, pay attention to your dreams and visions.

You could also try journaling if you want to record these thoughts and dreams. If you want to explore your spirituality, then consider writing down aspects of it that help guide you in the right direction.

The World Money & Career Tarot Reading

When it comes to career, the World card indicates an imminent tour to a faraway country or work-related travel. Maybe you’re thinking about moving abroad to another nation, going overseas to school, or taking a break from work and going on a vacation?

The World tarot urges you to make the best use of this wonderful opportunity. You may broaden your horizons and gain immense awareness by learning from people and cultures around the world.

The World card also foresees financial gains and monetary growth. But, that does not mean that you won’t have to work! Always remember that you will be successful only when you put in the required efforts.

The World Yes or No Tarot Readings

You should expect to get involved in something meaningful if you draw the World trump card in a yes or no tarot reading. As long as your questions are for the pursuit of a greater good, the answer is a YES! We can all make a significant contribution to society by taking responsibility for our own experiences and circumstances instead of blaming them on others.

The World Tarot in Love and Relationships Meaning

The World card is a representation of achieving our goals and obtaining what we want. Drawing the World tarot card is a favorable indication if you’re hoping for love and a happy relationship in your life.

The World card indicates that all the loose ends of your life will come together in this phase of your life. In the end, you will feel wholeness and harmony.

For singles, it is a completely personal choice whether you want to get into a commitment or not. The World tarot suggests that you will be able to find your soulmate in a long-distance relationship.

If you are in a relationship, it may be possible for you and your companion to develop a lovely life and grow old together. Things will soon become better if you’ve been having intimacy issues with your partner.

Drawing The World in Tarot Reading

In a tarot reading, the World Tarot card can be paired with the following cards to form an important combination.

Thus we complete the interpretation of the World tarot card. Understand that your best aspirations are likely to materialize and now is the time for you to thrive.

It won’t be long until the seeds that you’ve planted begin to bear the fruits of success. Believe that you are at the right place at the right time, doing the proper thing,- and you’ll achieve what you’ve always wanted to.

What does the World card represent in Tarot?

Success, remuneration, journey, emigration, flight, and relocation are all represented by the World tarot card. Whereas the World Reversed indicates inertia, rigidity, stagnation, and permanence. The World marks the end of a life cycle, a respite before the next phase of your life, which begins with the fool.

What does the world tarot card mean in love?

In terms of love and relationships, the World card represents a sense of fulfillment and contentment. In some cases, this card may even indicate that your relationship is progressing toward marriage or the birth of a child. It’s important to feel whole and fulfilled before starting a relationship.

What does the world tarot card mean upside down?

Failure, stagnation, lack of accomplishment, disappointment, burden, and lack of completion are all represented by the World Upside-down card

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