Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning – Minor Arcana

Three of Wands tarot card symbolizes the need to step outside your comfort zone and take action on your dreams. It encourages you to take a leap of faith, go the extra mile, and seek new opportunities that may lead to personal growth, expansion, and success.

This card urges you to take courageous steps and trust in the universe as you open yourself up to new experiences and possibilities.

If you have been feeling stagnant in any area of your life, this card reminds you to summon your inner leader and use discipline, focus, and determination to push yourself beyond your current boundaries.

In doing so, you are likely to achieve incredible things far beyond your wildest dreams!

Three of Wands Tarot Card Description

The Three of Wands tarot card is an image of a man in regal garb, standing tall in contemplation on a cliff overlooking the sea.

His unwavering gaze is cast out to the horizon, where three sailing ships appear as lone reminders that progress and movement are inevitable and that his plans will bring him to new lands and potential challenges and opportunities.

The three wands firmly planted in the ground symbolize his unwavering determination to make his dreams come true, even if it means leaving the comfort and safety of the castle behind.

This card speaks to the courage and resilience required to make leaps of faith, even when faced with uncertainty!

Three of Wands Tarot Keywords

Given below is the list of some important terms associated with this Suit of Wands card.

  • Upright – Pursuit of knowledge, the exercise of leadership, and the quest for progress
  • Reversed – Feelings of inadequacy, guilt, failure, and shame
  • Planet – Mars
  • Number3
  • Element – Fire
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign – Aries
  • Yes or No – Yes

Three of Wands Meaning and Guide

The Two of Wands represents making plans for the future from a secure position, whereas the Three of Wands depicts your ambitions and objectives gradually coming to fruition.

It is a card of exploration and taking the initiative, urging you to seize new chances and move from passive planning towards active engagement.

All of your hard work and dedication has paid off, and your efforts have put you in a position to reap the rewards of your dedicated planning and strategizing.

The Three of Wands portends a period of tremendous potential and possibility, offering a visual cue to embrace the opportunities that are present in your life and to boldly step into unknown territory.

It speaks of the importance of trusting yourself and the courage necessary to take risks and venture out beyond the boundaries of the known, providing an invitation to activate your ambition, expand your horizons, and explore new avenues for personal growth.

In essence, Three of Wands encourages you to think beyond the constraints of your comfort zone, to visualize success, and to persevere even when the path forward appears uncertain, knowing that by embracing the spirit of adventure and having faith in yourself, you will unlock the abundance that awaits you.

The Three of Wands indicates a time of anticipation, opportunity, and readiness. By embracing the energy of this card, one is able to better prepare for the changes and challenges that lie ahead.

It encourages the individual to be bold and take risks with courage, as well as face obstacles with an open mind and an unencumbered perspective.

Symbolically, the Three of Wands can signify overseas journeys—an invitation to explore foreign lands, take advantage of professional opportunities abroad, and discover new aspects of one’s identity and purpose in life.

Thus, this card beckons one to observe the world from different angles and gain insights that will help them move forward in life.

Three of Wands Reversed Meaning and Guide

The Three of Wands reversed indicates that while the potential for growth and expansion is available to you, you are instead opting to remain within your comfort zone and opting out of taking risks.

This has resulted in a stagnation of progress and a decline of new opportunities, both of which can be detrimental to achieving your goals.

It is important to reflect on what is preventing you from taking that leap and pushing past any mental blocks that may be preventing you from embracing change and expanding your horizons. Getting to the bottom of any fears or resistance can help you break free from inertia and spread your wings so you can fly.

The Three of Wands Reversed serves as a warning to anyone attempting to progress in their personal development journey, indicating that they may encounter unexpected delays, creative blockages, and general feelings of disappointment and frustration.

Despite these setbacks, it is important to remember that these moments, although difficult, are essential aspects of growth and evolution, providing meaningful lessons, opportunities for self-reflection, and a chance to re-evaluate our goals and aspirations.

The reversed Three of Wands in the tarot serves as a reminder to be aware of the potential for delays and unexpected difficulties when making plans. This card can signify a temporary pause in progress, perhaps due to unforeseen external factors or an underestimation of the effort involved in the task at hand.

To protect against such frustrations, it is important to build in some margin of error and buffer time into any planning process in order to ensure that any obstacles or delays don’t interfere with your goals or impact your desired outcomes.

The process of executing your plans can be a daunting task, with the potential of feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of risk associated with your ideas. It is paramount to develop an organized and comprehensive approach to reaching desired outcomes.

By breaking down your plans into smaller, more manageable tasks and conducting a thorough risk assessment ahead of time, you can identify potential points of adversity and create strategies to mitigate them. By proactively accounting for potential risks, you can ensure that your path forward is both feasible and realistic.

Three of Wands Yes or No Tarot Reading

The Three of Wands in a yes-or-no tarot reading can be taken as an affirmative response (Yes), particularly to inquiries concerning potentials and plans for the future, such as new ventures, travel, and long-distance relationships.

Although the card often represents progressive significant growth, the dynamic is one of a partnership between luck and effort.

Thus, in order for positive outcomes to be achieved, it is advisable to plan ahead and take into account the need for hard work and dedication.

Three of Wands Tarot in Love and Relationships

The Three of Wands speaks of a newfound liberation and encourages us to embrace the beauty and romance of life. It symbolizes the exciting prospect of discovering new relationships, whether through short-term flings or long-term love.

It invites us to open ourselves up to the possibilities of the unknown and suggests that we take risks and venture to unfamiliar places, be it physically or emotionally.

The Three of Wands also indicates that our relationships may begin in unconventional ways—for example, through Tinder dates or long-distance love. Ultimately, this card encourages us to surrender to love and let it lead the way.

Taking a trip together can be an incredibly effective way to strengthen relationships, be they romantic or platonic. Exploring uncharted territory and discovering new lands with someone you care for can open up new dimensions of understanding and appreciation between individuals, bringing them closer than ever before.

Such an experience can help couples or friends nurture deeper connections and gain invaluable insight into one another as well as themselves.

By carving out quality alone time together and allowing yourselves to be immersed in the beauty of the outdoors, you can come away from a trip feeling refreshed, recharged, and more connected than ever.

Three of Wands Tarot Health & Spirituality

The Three of Wands speaks to the idea of taking charge of one’s own destiny and finding alternative solutions to traditional methods of healing and well-being.

This card suggests that now is the time to take matters into your own hands when it comes to health, illness, or spiritual issues and to look for solutions from sources outside the scope of what is normally prescribed.

It is important to consider holistic approaches such as homeopathic treatments, acupuncture, massage, herbal remedies, and other non-traditional forms of healing that may provide more effective relief than traditional Western medicine.

Be sure to research any potential alternatives and speak to your physician about what you have found.

Three of Wands in Money & Career Tarot Reading

The Three of Wands card from the Major Arcana Tarot deck suggests that now is an optimal time for exploring new opportunities and taking risks in the realms of career and finance.

It’s an invitation to go on a “treasure hunt” of sorts; to seek out potential possibilities and consider options that may have been overlooked or previously disregarded.

Additionally, the Three of Wands encourages you to think expansively and globally and to be open to ideas that could result in a far greater return than anything that is limited to your immediate locality.

Seeking out diverse opportunities, discerning between those that are best suited to you, and then having the courage to move forward confidently when you are ready are all key components of this card’s message.

Three of Wands Astrology Meaning

The Three of Wands is a powerful card associated with the fiery sign of Aries, ruled by Mars, the planet of initiative and ambition. It symbolizes confidence, leadership, and breakthroughs.

Those born under this sign tend to be strong-willed, driven individuals who are unafraid of pushing through barriers or breaking through paradigms in order to create revolutionary change and progress.

The Three of Wands embraces the core elements of Aries, encouraging us to use our innate warrior spirit to pursue our dreams and ambitions courageously.

Drawing Three of Wands in Tarot Reading

The Three of Wands tarot card is a powerful symbol of hopeful anticipation, optimism, and adventure. Representing the journey we undertake to manifest our dreams into reality, this card serves as a reminder that we have the power to create the life we desire and create something lasting within ourselves.

As an encouraging sign of progress, growth, and potential, the Three of Wands serves as a beacon of light in moments of adversity—a reminder that it is through challenges that we hone our skills and discover strength we never knew was possible.

In a tarot reading, the Three of Wands Tarot card can be paired with the following cards to form an important combination.

With intention and perseverance, this potent tarot card challenges us to take our dreams seriously, understanding that the process of manifesting them will be difficult yet highly rewarding.

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